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See also the changelog on our bugtracker page: Changelog

Version 1.04 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2011-02-26.

Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #597: Player weapon equip animations are clunky (Animation)
  • #909: AI door behaviour improvements, eg, AI fighting each other to open/close door, speed up access. (Coding)
  • #1444: Remember last position in inventory after clear (Coding)
  • #1965: Make stealth score more meaningful (GUI)
  • #2033: Bottle/arrow-throwing overriding archery (AI)
  • #2154: Arrows fire incorrectly from standing lean (Coding)
  • #2276: Improve the LOD system (Coding)
  • #2282: Initially sitting AI's sit on air after relaxing from a disturbance (AI)
  • #2330: Previously clicked menu-text stays highlighted after going step back (Tweaking)
  • #2339: Self inflicted wounds, and not of the shaving kind. (Coding)
  • #2345: AI Getting stuck on Each Other. (AI)
  • #2356: Rats get stuck (AI)
  • #2425: Animation frame commands doubled or skipped (Coding)
  • #2453: Bad door-handling outcome in certain situations (AI)
  • #2460: Easy way to close maps (Coding)
  • #2464: Sleeping AI respond to greetings (Coding)
  • #2473: Remove stretch from archers (Animation)
  • #2482: Add Atti's nail models (Models)
  • #2483: Vocals from frame commands don't use lipsynching (Coding)
  • #2493: Check sock colour (Textures)
  • #2495: hide_distance etc no longer working after 1.03 (Coding)
  • #2496: TDM Updater does not work in Windows 2000 (TDM Updater)
  • #2497: Fixing ambient volume slider from 1.02 broke it in another way in 1.03 (Sound)
  • #2501: Update Credits (GUI)
  • #2502: PickableLock objects not registered on gamesave - savegames with pending events crash on restore (Coding)
  • #2503: Rig Thief model to new skeleton (AI)
  • #2505: Move LOD models (Models)
  • #2506: Add additional entities (AI)
  • #2510: Skybox backgrounds too bright using enhanced ambient (Textures)
  • #2511: Lightgem not affected by ambient in "Enhanced" (Graphics)
  • #2512: Previous location's ambient plays at full volume on reload on top of currrent ambient (until next transition) (Sound)
  • #2513: Remove editor_ spawnargs from in-game entities (Saving\Loading)
  • #2519: Add support for sys.log(x) and sys.pow(x,y) to the scripting system (Coding)
  • #2520: Request: Random def_projectile (Coding)
  • #2523: When downloading many missions, the notification text is truncated (GUI)
  • #2524: Option to view Mission Details before downloading them (GUI)
  • #2525: Add PNG and JPG support to the devil library (Coding)
  • #2528: Fix DR view of new AI (AI)
  • #2529: Cannot bind FX to specific joints - is always bound to origin (Coding)
  • #2531: Change window Title and Icon (DOOM3 => TDM) (Design/Coding)
  • #2532: Update sourcehook sources (Coding)
  • #2536: Dormant AI on interleaved thinking can suffer huge translation errors when awakened (AI)
  • #2545: Rename the LODE system to SEED (SEED)
  • #2546: Lights take several seconds to extinguish (Scripting)
  • #2556: GUI Shop adjustments (GUI)
  • #2557: attach/destroy frame commands sometimes overlap or cause crash (Coding)
  • #2558: Random head turn members in idAI not Saved/Restored (Coding)
  • #2563: Buying in the shop can make it impossible to drop starting items (GUI)
  • #2569: SEED: func_statics are invisible when combine=0 (SEED)
  • #2570: SEED: segfault (crash) when you use combine=0 with func_statics from map geometry (SEED)
  • #2571: SEED: Restore() crashes when you use combine=1 (SEED)
  • #2572: SEED: combine=0 and map-geometry func_statics are invisible and have wrong clipmodel (SEED)
  • #2573: SEED: Write an image map manager, that can share image map data (SEED)
  • #2579: SEED: Clone important spawnargs (SEED)
  • #2580: Archer uses Throw animation if too far away. (Coding)
  • #2582: Packaging Updates (TDM Updater)
  • #2586: SEED: entity count computation from density is broken (SEED)
  • #2591: Cough sound not playing (AI)
  • #2593: ModelGenerator fails for twosided materials (Coding)
  • #2594: Deer skull model (Models)
  • #2595: SEED: make spawn_xyz more versatile (SEED)
  • #2596: Player is not coughing when entering gas clouds (Def\Setup)
  • #2598: Responses are not considering time-dependent stim radii (Coding)
  • #2601: SEED: automatic origin calculation for moveables (SEED)
  • #2605: SEED: For combined entities the first has rotation=0 (SEED)
  • #2611: SEED: Crash with idRenderWorld::UpdateEntityDef: NULL hModel (SEED)
  • #2612: Add new Critic vocals (Sound)
  • #2623: Updater has trouble when single files are modified/deleted (TDM Updater)
  • #2625: Updater fails to update itself on some occasions (TDM Updater)
  • #2628: SEED: some surfaces still doubled twice (SEED)

Of particular importance is bug #2513, this means that entities inside the running game no longer have a copy of all the editor_ spawnargs, e.g. all the spawnargs that were documenting other spawnargs, set editor colors and so on. That saves a fair amount of memory while running, and also makes Saving/Restoring write much less data (on about a factor eight), so it is much faster and generates much smaller savegames. For example, saving at the start of Heart writes now 11 instead of 85 Mbyte.

LOD (Level of Detail)

The old system with only two levels (object visible and invisible) has been totally rewritten, and features now 7 levels, fade in and fade out distances and can set different models, skins and noshadows on every LOD stage. See here for more information.

The new entity generator system has been renamed, and a lot of bugs have been fixed and new features added. The system should now be tested by mappers, please see SEED for more details.

Players and mappers can select the Object detail in the menu now.


  • Folders have been reorganized in DR to make finding AI simpler (Springheel)
  • Several new AI entities have been added, including criminal thug and unarmed townsfolk (Springheel)
  • New AI thief characters (including female thief) ready for use (Springheel)
  • A new head model has been added, as well as a few new head entities (Springheel)
  • New AI mage character added (Springheel)


  • Mission downloads: It is now possible to view details and screenshots before downloading a mission (Greebo)
  • Shop: buttons highlight and can be greyed-out, possible to get dropped items back (Tels)


  • The female vocals have been reproccessed to increase their quality.
  • A new set of noblewoman vocals has been added (lady02)
  • A new set of male vocals has been added (critic)


  • Our combo light entities now know how to handle bound children and set correct On()/Off() signals to either targets or bound children, and they do so now in an extra thread so that the trigger happens instantly, and not after the particle has finished playing.
  • Several (experimental) entities producing random other entities (food, fruit, game pieces, bottles) using SEED have been added and are available in DR under "darkmod/Randoms".


  • New material marble_flower_mosaic_cracked (STiFU)
  • Grass decal textures (Tels)
  • a lot of normal TGA textures have their (not-used) alpha channel stripped (Serpentine)


  • New spiked club model added (Springheel)
  • A few new grass and vegetation models (Tels)
  • Most of Nosslaks models (bellows, globe, privacy screen, spyglass, deerpole and two brackets)


  • The gas arrow cloud now damages the player and makes him cough

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