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See the changelog on our bugtracker.

Version 2.04 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2016-07-12.

TDM 2.04 Stability Release!

The Dark Mod 2.04 development cycle was largely about fixing and refining changes made during 2.03.

2.04 Features video:

New to this release are:

  • Better AI searching with new "hiding spot" searches.
  • A new Inventory Grid system to manage inventory via mouse instead of hotkeys
  • Grabber De-Clunking fixes for smoother object manipulation


  • grayman enhanced AI searching to allow for wider, more realistic searches.
  • grayman fixed some issues with AI relighting lights.
  • grayman fixed the infamous "barmaid gets stuck while peeing" problem in "Inn Business".
  • grayman allowed AI to see weapons dropped by other AI.
  • grayman fixed the "AI get stuck in sit-down & get up" cycle. This was causing them to scoot themselves out of the map.


  • Demagogue has created a new override that allows mappers to simply override location ambients with another sound
  • SteveL has fixed a glitch that resulted in occasional sound popping
  • SteveL has adjusted the grabber so that it is easier to lift up objects without banging into things
  • SteveL has fixed breakable glass behavior
  • SteveL has fixed collision behavior on skin swapping
  • SteveL has fixed distant decals rendering over the top of objects they should be behind
  • SteveL has optimized particle bounds calculations to reduce map load times
  • SteveL has created a new "ai_see" argument for lights so mappers can create decorative lighting without illuminating the player accidentally
  • SteveL has fixed a bug where lod_bias objects leave collision models behind on map start when set to be removed
  • SteveL has improved Dmap (map compiling) performance dramatically by removing logspam and decoupling vsync
  • SteveL has created an new quicksave system that alternates between files to prevent corruption caused by poor OS file handling.
  • SteveL has fixed the shadow bobbing that happens when a player holds a lantern in water
  • Rebb has fixed Ambient shading on rotated models
  • grayman has repaired the savegame crash caused by card players.
  • Agent Jones has fixed a few stability issues with the Mission Downloader


  • No significant asset changes. A massive set of new assets will appear in 2.05.


  • grayman expanded the space allotted to the current mission name to accommodate longer names.
  • SteveL has added Durandall's Inventory GUI system which allows for mouse based inventory management


  • Obstortte has created a new combination lock


  • charisma and the Darkfate community provided a Russian translation of the main menu (and have mission translations)
  • Anderson supplied a fix to the Romanian translation to replace unspecified characters with ones that are currently available.

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