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See the changelog on our bugtracker.

Version 2.05 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2017-02-14.

TDM 2.05 is a tremendous improvement in rendering performance!

The following optimizations to Lightgem rendering have radically reduced the performance
impact of Lightgem rendering:

1) OpenGL Pixel Pack Buffers used to transfer lightgem images to the CPU
2) Only lights "the player is inside of" will render to the lightgem
3) All noshadows surfaces except the lightgem surface excluded from the lightgem render
4) tdm_lg_split optimization is on by default
5) tdm_lg_interleave_min setting defines the minimum FPS where the tdm_lg_interleave optimization will start working

New bundled mission "A New Job" part of the St. Lucia campaign!

Let's Play video of "A New Job" by Fen:


  • grayman Reduced the amounts added to the stealth score when an AI spots the player and almost immediately ramps up to Combat.
  • grayman Initial support for the Fire Elemental


  • duzenko and nbohr1more The lightgem calculation has been substantially optimized
  • duzenko Initial code support for uncapped FPS (com_fixedTic 1)
  • duzenko Optimize Skybox rendering by changing it's render order (takes better advantage of hierarchical-z)
  • duzenko Change vproj settings to allow (MSVC 2013) Windows XP optimized builds
  • duzenko Improved alt-tab support
  • duzenko Improved high-dpi support
  • duzenko option to offload mipmap generation to GPU driver
  • nbohr1more Image_downsize options can now be used without making menus and maps blurry
  • nbohr1more Initial support for Cubemap lights based on Sikkpin's shader
  • nbohr1more light entities now respect the nospecular argument and can more easily be used for simulated radiosity (bounce lights)
  • nbohr1more func_emitter now supports lod_bias so mappers can increase\decrease particle density based on the Object Detail slider


  • Springheel's HUGE "Modular Asset" collection
  • Most of Bob Necro's textures
  • All of the Containers and some of the Paintings from Airship Ballet
  • Some of Epifire's steampunk models and Leather Chair
  • Spooks, nbohr1more, and Sikkpin Example CubicLight textures
  • Ralle321 panel and interior textures
  • Ricebug textures
  • Arcturus Openable Ottoman model


  • grayman Improved Mission Statistics formatting


  • grayman Door "percentage open" is available to scripts
  • SteveL User friendly "World Particle" system
  • SteveL Candles can be extinguished via the Stim\Response system
  • Obsttorte and grayman New combination safe script


  • nbohr1more Auto-Parry is now enabled by default to improve the experience for new players.


  • grayman Volume is now diminished when the player is underwater


  • Outsider One supplied a Turkish Translation of the Main TDM Menus

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