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See also the changelog on our bugtracker page: Changelog.

Version 1.02 of The Dark Mod has been released on May 25th, 2010.

Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #2151: replaceInvItem() script event didn't accept $null_entity
  • #2174: "snd_alert3hc" was not used by the code due to a typo
  • #2172: attachToPos scriptevent not working
  • #2145: New objective components to detect readable open/close/page_reached events.
  • #2190: Moss patches can spawn on players head and is mantleable.
  • #2074: Crash in idPVS::FreeCurrentPVS
  • #2205: Crash at shutdown in idEntity::UnbindNotify() of AI


Fixed missing crystal_light shader. Added frob-highlight stage to textures/darkmod/metal/grate/trans_grating01.

List of new and improved textures:

  • textures/darkmod/nature/skybox/mountain_sunset
  • Several building facades
  • Selflit gleam added to several windows that were missing it
  • A few new door textures


  • Several new models, including a cart, tree, windmill, toolbox, playing cards, etc.
  • New skins added to several models
  • added a prop winebottle that AI will hold and drink from


  • added a couple new animations
  • some specialized idle animations for beggar
  • special animations and definitions for "sitting and playing cards"
  • fixed some animations so torch-wielders don't burn themselves
  • zombie foot-drag sound reduced
  • "sleeping" behaviour added to revenant
  • "Lantern Bot" AI added


New frame commands:

  • attach - spawn and attach an entity of the given class
  • destroy - detach and destroy the entity at the named attachment position
  • drop - detach (to world) the entity at the named attachment position
  • pickup - teleport and attach to the named pos the named entity

These new commands enable sophisticated animations that create temp. objects, or make the AI able to "transport" one entity from A to B (via "pickup", "walk", "drop").


  • new candle-pinch sounds (less loud than before)
  • new Vocal Set: "Average Jack"


  • AI don't ramp down quite so quickly from minor alerts, and ramp down a little sooner from major alerts.

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