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See also the changelog on our bugtracker page: Changelog

Version 1.05 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2011-04-06.

Source Revision 4749

Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #720: Guards can be made to repeat their door-closing cycle (AI)
  • #1145: AI trying doors they cannot open (AI)
  • #1330: weapons sometimes hover in midair after AI goes ragdoll (AI)
  • #2209: Alert entity proposal (Coding)
  • #2283: Playing cards have invalid mass (Coding)
  • #2468: monsters immune to gas arrows (AI)
  • #2469: Werebeast not affected by flashbomb (AI)
  • #2560: AI Freezing during search (AI)
  • #2568: Rats push heavy moveables too powerfully (Physics)
  • #2578: SEED: Make sure we do not combine entities which cannot be combined (SEED)
  • #2604: AI do not play "gassed" bark (AI)
  • #2621: Add Boost 1.45 static libs for VC++ 2010 (Coding)
  • #2632: add hide_distance support to func_smoke (Coding)
  • #2634: Need a way for the mapper to prevent lod_bias hiding important entities (Coding)
  • #2635: hide_distance < lod_distance is ignored (Coding)
  • #2637: triplet down models/darkmod/architecture/chimneys/square_stone (Models)
  • #2640: Searching AI will freeze long distances from a stim point if they can see the point (AI)
  • #2646: WARNING: Door XYZ is not within a valid AAS area (Coding)
  • #2650: Rats close doors (AI)
  • #2654: Map start triggered cutscenes kill floating AI's (AI)
  • #2659: Rotating doors with (tiny) translation incorrectly clear the "first_frob_open" flag (Coding)
  • #2661: Shop item description display sometimes missing/wrong (GUI)
  • #2662: models/darkmod/architecture/awnings_ roofs/awning_cloth_01_large.lwo has some stray verts (Models)
  • #2664: invert_on_trigger on func_rotating bug (Coding)
  • #2667: AI Moving Untouched Movables (Physics)
  • #2668: Combat State 'unhelmeted' AI are blackjackable from any angle. (AI)
  • #2669: A patrolling AI blocked by movables can get stuck treadmilling. (AI)
  • #2670: Running AIs should not close doors behind them. (AI)
  • #2672: Ingame objectives scroll arrows overlap text (GUI)
  • #2673: KO fails if player steps too close to AI, despite blackjack visually making contact. (Def / Setup)
  • #2674: Blackjack collision box not properly aligned to blackjack (Def / Setup)
  • #2676: Lighting lights does not activate binarymovers (Script / Def)
  • #2680: Need a LOD data manager (SEED)
  • #2683: Crash when starting The Thieves (AI)
  • #2684: Rats cause assertion failures when using debug DLL (Coding)
  • #2685: Chalice of Kings tickles an assert when using a Debug DLL (AI)
  • #2690: AI become confused when chasing player through a door (AI)
  • #2691: AI open prefab doors when searching or when chasing the player (AI)
  • #2692: AI sometimes block a door they're opening (AI)
  • #2694: An AI running toward a closed door can fall into circling behavior at the door (AI)
  • #2700: An AI using a door can get blocked and hold up the entire door queue. (AI)
  • #2706: Console can get spammed with "AI MoveStack contains more than 100 moves!" (AI)
  • #2708: AI can get stuck near monster-clipped tables, etc. (AI)
  • #2712: AI don't walk through an open door when it's marked "ai_should_not_handle" (AI)
  • #2716: In Beleaguered Fence, a guard opens door *_13 from the floor below (AI)
  • #2721: Revenant's have become immune to Holy Water Arrows (AI)


  • Significant improvements to Blackjack mechanics and functionality.
  • More AI pathfinding and door handling enhancements


  • New alert sound entity
  • New Loot entities
  • "func_emitter" entities can have multiple particles at once
  • Keys and important small items like loot purses are now a bit brighter than before, and should be more easy to see

LOD (Level of Detail)

  • A new memory manager to keep track of LOD entities
  • Enhanced hide_distance control options
  • Enhanced LOD Bias control
  • "func_smoke" has hide_distance support

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