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See also the changelog on our bugtracker page: Changelog

Version 1.06 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2011-06-19.

Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #541: AI should turn on lights while searching nearby (AI) (grayman)
  • #1623: AI don't notice lights going out in front of them (AI) (grayman)
  • #2133: Add random tips to loading screen (GUI) (Springheel)
  • #2202: Campaign Support (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2264: Need a persistent data structure to store info between multiple maps (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2449: Torch-carriers need pain modification (AI) (Springheel)
  • #2457: Special search animations for torch-bearers (Animation) (Springheel)
  • #2518: Mac OS X Support (Design/Coding) (greebo)
  • #2603: AI do not play "notice_lights" bark (AI) (grayman)
  • #2613: Add more aspect ratios (Coding) (tels)
  • #2620: Add alarm bark (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #2655: Werebeast crawler can cause damage above his height (AI) (grayman)
  • #2704: model models/darkmod/loot/coins/coin_pile.lwo has too many verts for a poly (Models) (Springheel)
  • #2715: Add option to switch off main menu background music (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2717: An AI can think he's reached a goal that's on the floor above him (AI) (grayman)
  • #2723: tdm_update's differential updater leaves a corrupt tdm_game02.pk4 (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2728: Rats interfering with AI movement (AI) (grayman)
  • #2731: AI playing default footsteps on straw mat? (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #2732: AI leaves one of locked double doors unlocked (AI) (grayman)
  • #2734: Inaccurate AAS data can lead to a hang. (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2739: Some stim/responses are being overwritten by others (AI) (grayman)
  • #2740: AI weapons sometimes cause bad pathfinding (AI) (grayman)
  • #2744: Still getting "Cannot find attachment X to destroy" error (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2746: "Wait until Ready" GUI to be displayed when the mission is ready to start (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2747: Crashes after a "Doom 3 Blue Window" type of game shutdown (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2748: Add lighting animations to female characters (AI) (Springheel)
  • #2750: In-Game Downloader stops when switching pages (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2751: Stale download progress info when requeing downloads (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2757: Downloaded missions don't appear until full restart (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2762: New path_corner type: "Follow this Actor" (AI) (greebo)
  • #2767: Savegame Compression (Coding) (stgatilov)
  • #2768: More portable lightgem - getting rid of named pipe / shared memory (Coding) (stgatilov & JC Denton)
  • #2774: Restart Mission crashes after saving and dying when a weapon is drawn (Coding) (greebo)

Campaign Support

  • Maps can now be strung together to make multi-mission Campaigns.

A number of new Campaign specific systems have be built.

  • Multiple Briefings
  • Multiple Briefing Videos
  • De-Briefing Videos
  • Conditional Objectives that span missions
  • Inventory and Loot management for mult-mission setup

OSX Support

  • This will be the first Dark Mod release to officially ship with a Mac OSX binary.


  • A dozen new animations added, including eat_carrot, sit_talk_gesture (x3), bang_door, walk_alert_torch, sit_turnpage, idle_ponder, and lift_skirt (Springheel)


  • AI can now be made to notice whether specific lights have been extinguished or "switched off" and will now RELIGHT them.
  • AI can now be made to follow behind other (Leader) AI with an easier spawnarg method.


  • In fixing #2613 a new CVAR "r_fovRatio" was added (Tels), this defines the ratio between X and Y FOV and can be used setup arbitrary wide-screen or multi-monitor resolutions:
FOV 16:10 on 1920x600 FOV 32:10 on 1920x600 (TDM v1.06)
  • The menu supports now a couple more resolutions (1360x768, 1600x900, etc.) and two more aspect ratios (5:4 and 16:9 TV) (Tels)
  • The menu supports an optional bow aimer(Dram, New Horizon)


  • Savegames are now compressed on-the-fly, which reduces their size further by a factor of 2..4 depending on the mission. For example, saving at the start of "Heart" yielded 85 Mbyte with v1.03, 11 Mbyte with v1.04 and will yield 2.5 Mbyte with v1.06. (stgatilov)


New characters
  • New character head (Springheel)
  • New hanging wheel chandelier model (Springheel)
  • New door handle model (Springheel)
  • New AI characters: Builder Forger / Engineer/ BlackSmith (Springheel)
  • New AI characters: Inventor Scientist / Gentleman scientist (Springheel)


  • New scattered paper decals x3 (Springheel)

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