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See also the changelog on our bugtracker.

Version 1.07 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2011-11-27.

Source Revision 5048

Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #1148: Add entity defs for static light fixtures like oil lamps (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #1327: CProjectileResult remains indefinitely (Coding) (grayman)
  • #1447: Toggle compass command doesn't toggle (Coding) (tels)
  • #1496: Unlocking of armed mines (Feature proposal) (grayman)
  • #2220: AI_USE key for suspicious object (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2439: Convert TGA files to DDS (Textures) (tels)
  • #2478: Adjustments to mines (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2522: Adjust damage for different weapons (Def/Setup) (Springheel)
  • #2537: Test Noisycricket's new combat animations (Animation) (Springheel and Noisycricket)
  • #2698: Slim down strings/english.lang (Coding) (tels)
  • #2722: SEED: trace ends at bottom of SEED entity (SEED) (tels)
  • #2771: Wench legs clip (Animation) (Springheel)
  • #2772: Code uses mindplaces.com (Coding) (tels)
  • #2777: Try to remove ai_character.script (AI) (tels)
  • #2781: Autogenerate english.lang etc. from strings/all.lang (Coding) (tels)
  • #2782: Add a way to switch the language in the menu (GUI) (tels)
  • #2783: Support translated HUD (weapon names, inventory groups), shopitems, messages etc. (Coding) (tels)
  • #2787: Complete Vine Arrow (Feature proposal) (grayman)
  • #2788: Add more premade key entries (possible with new models/skins) (Def / Setup) (tels)
  • #2791: Check Revenant Materials (AI) (Springheel)
  • #2794: Mines show decal when shot with water arrow (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2795: Add russian fonts (GUI) (tels and Keeper Riff)
  • #2796: Non-ASCII GUI choices don't work (Coding) (tels)
  • #2797: Add support for FM specific translations (Coding) (tels)
  • #2798: Unarmed AI sometimes used armed search animation (Animation) (Springheel)
  • #2801: AI play "weapon" bark when shot by arrow (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2802: Bitmap "texts" cannot be translated (GUI) (tels)
  • #2803: Restarting TDM fails with boost error on linux (Coding) (tels)
  • #2804: Keys ("rusty key" etc) do no twork with chest in italian (Coding) (tels)
  • #2805: Screenshot image format (Coding) (stgatilov)
  • #2806: hanging_horizontal_leaves has no alpha (Textures) (tels)
  • #2808: Electric lights (Def / Setup) (tels)
  • #2811: Font loading does not fall back to English (Coding) (tels)
  • #2812: Character 0xFF does not work in fonts (Coding) (tels)
  • #2815: Support FM short descriptions in other languages (Coding) (tels)
  • #2817: sys_lang only allows a fixed set of languages (Coding) (tels)
  • #2820: Unnecessary event posting during map startup can lead to overrunning the event queue (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2822: Fireplaces have their light embedded in the floor (Def / Setup) (tels)
  • #2823: Light holders (candles, etc.) marked "extinguished" spawn lit (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2825: Carleton Bold is missing its size 12 DDS (Graphics) (tels)
  • #2826: LOD inventory entities sometimes re-appear (Coding) (tels)
  • #2833: --delay not working on tdmlauncher (Coding) (tels)
  • #2840: AI Ragdolls moved and distorted on map load (Saving/Loading) (grayman)
  • #2844: Finish I18N.pl (Coding) (tels)
  • #2846: Download fmname_l10n.pk4 (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2850: Campaign Distinction on In-Game Downloader (GUI) (greebo)
  • #2851: Remove AlertAI() and GetAlertEntity() (AI) (tels)
  • #2852: fix GUI command handling with args in HandleMainMenuCommands() (Coding) (tels)
  • #2853: A fully-lit absence marker might not be seen by a passing AI (AI) (grayman)
  • #2854: Add ability to include custom mission script files in tdm_main.script (Script/Def) (greebo)
  • #2859: If an AI opens a door marked ShouldBeClosed, he becomes suspicious (AI) (grayman)
  • #2860: When a lootable painting is stolen, AI can't see the absence marker (AI) (grayman)
  • #2861: Sliding doors marked shouldBeClosed might not alert nearby AI (AI) (grayman)
  • #2862: Doors no longer need to send visual stims if they aren't marked shouldBeClosed (AI) (grayman)
  • #2866: AI don't close "shouldBeClosed" doors after searching near them (AI) (grayman)
  • #2872: AI should Notice Ropes (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2874: Changing language during mission while reading (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2877: Games saved when a sliding door is open can crash TDM (Saving/Loading) (grayman)
  • #2879: Loading a final save crashes TDM to the main menu. (Saving/Loading) (greebo)
  • #2880: GUI files make Training Mission crash on load (Saving/Loading) (tels)
  • #2887: Stealth Score Level-5 bust ("being seen") isn't countable for the stats GUI because of incrementing "cascade" (GUI) (grayman)
  • #2888: "Back" and "Objectives" in the briefing screen are bitmaps (GUI) (tels)
  • #2889: Wench legs clip during alert walk (Animation) (Springheel)
  • #2892: Crash to desktop on Alberics Curse (Graphics) (tels)
  • #2893: zones w/ dynamic ambient lighting disabled still carry settings from other zones (Mapping) (tels)
  • #2900: Carried torches go out at map start (Def / Setup) (grayman)
  • #2902: TDM 1.07 hangs near the beginning of Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (AI) (grayman)
  • #2903: The distance check added for warnings in 1.07 leads to alerts being spread too wide (AI) (grayman)
  • #2904: Steam: FM does not stay installed and Saved games don't run (TDM Launcher) (greebo)
  • #2906: Arrows sometimes spawn explosion decal without exploding mine (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2907: AI not alerted by mine soundprop (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2908: AI killed by player-tossed mines don't know they were killed by the player (AI) (grayman)
  • #2911: When adding rotating cogs to multistate movers the cogs sometime rotate in the wrong direction (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2916: Create shader for reaction to warnings (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #2928: AI might kneel too far from where we expect them to (AI) (grayman)
  • #2930: AI knockouts aren't behaving as expected when AI have weapons drawn (AI) (grayman)
  • #2934: The ATTACK key is being ignored when lockpicking an armed mine (Design\Coding) (grayman)


  • Added new wench skins and fixed some clipping issues (Springheel)
  • Added new "waif" head and added new hair to some other heads (Springheel)


  • added some rustling cloth sounds to several animations (Springheel)
  • added improved melee combat animations (Noisycricket)


  • New decorative statue skins like copper, brass, alabaster etc. (Tels)
  • New key skins and matching entities (with translated names) where added (Tels):
New key variants
  • Added new three-ringed key model (Mysterious Key) and a geometric key model (Strange Key). (Tels)
New key variants
  • Four variants of ash heap models added (Tels)
  • The pre-made fireplace entities now have ash heaps, and the "arch" variant has two stacks of wood logs (Tels)
  • New scimitar weapon model/entity added (Springheel)
  • Several new models added, including water tower, pumpkins, cloth doll, jack-o-lantern (Springheel)


  • Added several new impact sounds (Mortem)
  • Added new weapon and combat sounds (Mortem)


  • Vine arrows are now working (Grayman)
  • Weapons are now divided into three different categories of damage. Daggers no longer do the same damage as Longswords. (Springheel)


  • About 90 Mbyte of TGA texture files have been converted to about 25 MByte DDS. This will improve load times and reduce memory consumption (Tels)
  • Some plant and barrel textures have been improved (Serpentine)


  • Both the menus and the in-game HUD as well as other on-screen messages are translatable into different languages.
  • FMs can have their own, specific translation dictionaries, meaning it is possible to update the translation w/o touching the FM PK4 file itself.
  • The language can be selected in the menu, and is switched immidiately.
  • Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese are mostly done, other languages still need translators. If you want to help, please post at this thread.

The menus in Czech The menus in French The menus in German
German HUD German Briefing

Please see this article for background and progress information of the internationalization effort.

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