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The Object detail setting in the menu influences these things:

  1. the distance for LOD (Level of Detail), that is the distance from where objects switch to higher/lower resolutions
  2. the distance where entities are hidden, or portals are switched off
  3. The density of entities created with the SEED system, e.g. you get more or less entities

Note: Remember that the setting only influences maps which use portals with "hide_distance", or special LOD entities. Currently this means only a few selected FMs show a difference. One example is the big forest in No Honour Among Thieves, part 3.

The setting has 6 levels, each level sets the CVAR tdm_lod_bias to the following values:

Menu setting LOD Bias
Lowest  0.50
Lower  0.75
Normal  1.00
Better  1.50
High  2.00
Very high  3.00

This means that on Very high, the objects keep their detail 3x as far as in the Normal level.

Which setting should I use?


If you have a fast PC (e.g. anything from the last two years), you can use Normal or up, if you have a particular slow machine, like an older PC or a laptop, try to use Lower or Lowest. If you are unsure, leave it at Normal.

Note: With TDM v1.04, settings with less detail than "Normal" (e.g. "Low" etc.) might hide bigger or important entities too close to you, instead of only hiding small items like grass or flowers. This will be eventually fixed in the code to determine better what to hide when. If you notice visual defects, switch back to Normal.


Design and test your maps with Normal, this setting is the same as existed before TDM v1.03. But don't forget to test that the lowest and highest setting do not cause problems, f.i. by showing too little or too much entities.

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