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* a few new architectural models/textures (Springheel)
* a few new architectural models/textures (Springheel)
* lean and urinate animations (Sotha)
* lean and urinate animations (Sotha)
== '''Release news links''' ==
*[http://www.thedarkmod.com/posts/announcing-the-release-of-tdm-2-02/ TheDarkMod.com News]
*[http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16384-tdm-202-released/ The Dark Mod forums News & Announcements]
*[https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/news/the-dark-mod-202-is-out ModDB.com]

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See also the changelog on our bugtracker.

Version 2.02 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2014-05-29.


  • AI will now notice if you blatantly interrupt a door they are opening or closing. (grayman)
  • AI now have a chance to make comments about being pickpocketed, and become more suspicious if they notice something during the player's pickpocket attempt (grayman)
  • AI process lights more accurately when looking for bodies, loot, etc. (grayman)
  • AI will now be able to use buttons and switches when operating doors. (grayman)


  • A "bunny-hopping" exploit that allowed silent crouch-jumping has been fixed (SteveL)
  • A bug that was causing loud sounds to drop off more quickly than they should in a number of maps has been fixed. AI will now react more appropriately to noise arrows and yells for help. (grayman)
  • An exploit that allowed players to push or block AI with movable objects has been fixed (grayman)
  • An "AI Hearing" slider has been added to the Settings menu (grayman)
  • Blackjacking from inside the optimal range is less likely to fail (New Horizon)
  • New script events allow map scripts to access mission statistics: number of KOs, stealth score etc (Zbyl)


  • New "Moor" character models have been added (Springheel)
  • New "Moor" vocal set (script: Springheel, Acting: Goldwell)
  • a few new architectural models/textures (Springheel)
  • lean and urinate animations (Sotha)

Release news links

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