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Well, I'm Petike. Not much to say, except that I've been a Thief fan for years and I joined the TDM forums in October 2014. That's it, pretty much.

For now, I'm mostly just tiff-taffin' around, but if I ever get to cooperate on a tutorial article or an article on an FM, I'll be a bit more active on the wiki.

Current Work on TDM

Current Work on the Wiki

  • January 2015: Just adding my work to the list of translators, as I don't have much else to contribute at the moment.
  • February 2015: I've decided to help a little with some of the more neglected Universe articles (especially some lists related to settings and characters unique to various FMs). Obviously, I'm being careful to be as succinct and non-spoilery as possible.
  • April-May 2018: I've created some new articles that could be of use, namely Voice actors (an overview of all TDM voice actors), Historical resources (largelly for inspiration and setting/plot research), Sound addons repository (for sound, ambient and music assets not part of the official package and useful for FM making) and Model addons repository (for models and related art assets not part of the official package and useful for FM making). I've also created new subcategories, such as Voice (under Sound), Narrative (under Editing), Model art assets (under Models) and Sound and ambient assets (under Sound), to make some more marginal but useful articles feel a bit less orphaned. Finally, I've done some needed updates to the Voices and DarkRadiant Video Tutorials articles. Feedback welcomed.
  • October-December 2018: Working on an Entity Database project (to be followed by others) and working on porting the documentation of vocal scripts for AI characters to the wiki.
  • March 2019: Also started a project for documenting all official FMs individually here on the wiki, with detailed information. This is meant as a supplement of the official FMs list on the website and of other wiki articles on existing FMs.