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Music and ambients

This article serves as a repository for people looking for custom sound addons for their Fan Missions (FMs). The article lists non-official asset addons that can be classified as sound, ambient and music. They were created by various TDM contributors, including mappers and model-makers.

Though some of the originally unofficial sounds, ambient and music assets eventually found their way into the official releases of TDM, we'll try to only list those sounds, ambients and music assets that aren't an official part of the game's base package.

Consider this article a repository of custom sounds, custom ambience and custom background music.

Sound assets created by TDM contributors

Ambient and music assets created by TDM contributors

Free or stock sound assets from external sources

  • The #GameAudioGDC Bundle - Part of a commercial-level quality sound effects give-away for potential freeware/open-source game developers, by the annual GDC (Game Developers' Conference). Revealed and discussed in this thread at the TDM forums. Check the thread for people's feedback on the pack. Please note, it's a large sound pack, around 10 GB.
  • - Kevin MacLeod's royalty-free music website, with hundreds of varied tracks. With a bit of searching, you can find some nice atmospheric ambients that can be usable in TDM fan missions (including scarier or eerie ambients). Check the license information if you're not sure on how to credit it in your FM. A selection of MacLeod's compositions that could fit the tone and setting of The Dark Mod is available in this thread.
  • Miscellaneous ambient and background music for TDM - thread created for compiling lists of various free ambients, ambient music and historical music suitable for The Dark Mod mission making.
  • Taffer's sound library (hosted on - A sound pack prepared for the Thief fan mission maker community, but the ambients and sound effects collection inside is perfectly suitable for making The Dark Mod missions as well. It's possible you might find something useful there.

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