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The Dark Mod itself is a mod for the game Doom 3, but it is also possible to mod the mod by installing add-ons. A few of thes exist already, and they enhance the gameplay or the visuals:

List of Add-ons

Name Author(s) Links Release Last update Size (MB) Notes Changes
Stealth Statistics for 2.07 Dragofer Icon_forum.png 2020-02-04 2020-02-04 0.01 Adds a scroll to the player's inventory which displays stealth statistics (score, suspicions, searches, sightings, body finds) during a running game, see 4th post on page 2 for more details. Visuals: None
Gameplay: Ingame stealth statistics
Audio: None
Flame Glare Mod nbohr1more Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2019-02-06 2018-02-06 0.06 Visuals: Torches glow similar to Candles
Gameplay: None
Unofficial Patch wesp5 Icon_mirror.png Icon_forum.png 2018-06-26 2018-06-26 1.2 Visuals: None
Gameplay: Blackjack and Light extinguish changes
Blackjack Draw/Sheath SFX GilGiy Icon_mirror.png 2018-04-30 2018-04-30 0.3 Visuals: None
Gameplay: None
Audio: Enhanced Blackjack sounds
Taffer's Sound Library TheUnbeholden Icon_mirror.png 2017-12-10 20187-12-10 21.8 Visuals: None
Gameplay: None
Audio: Library of enhanced audio files
Upright Bow Aimer Dram Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2011-02-06 2011-02-06 0.3 The Bow Aimer option is now part of the core mod as of TDM 1.06 Visuals: The bow aimer
Gameplay: None
Audio: None
Black Light Tels Bloodgate.png Icon_forum.png 2011-02-04 2011-07-24 0.01 This was made before TDM 2.0 Standalone. It may not be compatible with the latest TDM versions. For example: Some of the defs point to Doom 3 Imp materials. Visuals: Enhanced fire and torch particles, adds arrow glow and trails, prettier explosions etc.
Gameplay: None
Audio: None

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