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This article gives a brief summary about other cities, towns and villages near the city of Bridgeport. Mappers should feel free to place their missions in these towns if they like, or to create their own locations in the TDM universe.


A town north of Bridgeport. It's smaller than Bridgeport but still large enough that a visitor can go unnoticed. Braeden must frequently defend itself from raids by barbarian tribes from the northern mountains. The watch is stretched thin and will usually look the other way for a fee. Recently the Inquisition has come to Braeden, and they have become quite overzealous. Knights of the Hammer now guard the city from raiders.

Stories (fan missions) set here: Builder's Influence, In the North, Braeden Church.

Mentioned in stories (fan missions): Glenham Tower

Brickstone Hill

A manor with a mansion, owned by general Lanton. It's inhabited by him, his wife and their servants. Lanton is wealthy, owning several companies in town. Rumours persist that Lanton uses his mansion for hiding smuggled or otherwise illegally obtained precious goods.

Stories (fan missions) set here: Living Expenses


Flakebridge Monastery was built more than two hundred years ago next to the village of Flakebridge. Overlooking both the road and river leading to the once wealthy region around Lake Coulter, the outpost soon flourished from tariffs and donations.

Like many other Builder outposts, Flakebridge Monastery offered travellers a safe haven on their travels, provided that they could pay for it. Little is known about what has happened there recently, but anyone who has gone near has not been heard from again. The few travellers that still need to get through choose the long way around through Pagan infested lands.

Stories (fan missions) set here: Flakebridge Monastery (not set directly in the village, but at the nearby titular monastery)

Mentioned in stories (fan missions): Flakebridge Monastery (described in the mission notes)


Glenham is a small mining town northeast of Braeden. The town resides at the base of a mountain, its west side surrounded by vast Glenham Moors, which are notorious for their occasional mists. All travelers are recommended to stay on the road to avoid getting lost during the mists. The mountain to the east contains vast mining tunnels, which produce iron, copper and small amounts of precious metals for the ever burning forges of Braeden and Bridgeport.

Near the town, deep in the moors, stands Glenham Tower, which was once one of the most magnificent buildings there. The tower has been long abandoned and is still attracting adventurers.

The roads around Glenham are generally safe, but occasional bandit raids are possible, launched from the hidden lairs in the mountains.

Stories (fan missions) set here: Glenham Tower (at the eponymous manor), The Transaction (in an outer quarter of Glenham itself).

Mentioned in stories (fan missions): Vengeance for a Thief (Part 2)


Greensdove is known to be "(...) lodged in between the (Greensdove) docks and another town, called Singsmarsh".

It's a small town with mostly right-angled, cramped, narrow streets, usually with at least single-storey housing. Buildings of interest include the local Builder temple and monastery, an unnamed tavern, a local town watch guardhouse, and "The Bear and the Belcher" inn. Greensdove's docks form a small separate settlement of their own, lying on the nearby coast.

Stories (fan missions) set here: Lockdown (Part 1)

Lampfire Hills

A "small, border town to Bridgeport, with a long and storied history".

Near the town lies an old castle, known under the simple colloquial nickname The Gatehouse. It was built during the days of the old empire. The castle or its vicinity is said to house an ancient holy relic, a sword touched by the Builder himself, and once guarded by a now-vanished military order of the Builders. The Inquisitors of the Builder's Church had sent a Builder postulant, Matthias, to retrieve the holy relic.

The name pays homage to the Lampfire Hills visited in Purah's Thief series FMs.

Stories (fan missions) set here: The Gatehouse (at The Gatehouse, a local castle)

Mentioned in stories (fan missions): The Gatehouse


Also known as "The City of the Spires", because of the five towering spires that are its main landmarks. There are four huge towers at the outer edges of the city, while a fifth, the most massive one, stands at the city' center. The four spires feed magical light directly into the fifth one.

Lunarium "lies five thousand leagues east of Bridgeport, and is home to many people who came here due to the magical healing properties in the air surrounding the spires". However, getting too close to any of these spires has been noted to be dangerous, as it can supposedly end in a person "disappearing in a puff of greasy smoke".

Stories (fan missions) set here: Lord Dufford's


A small town hidden away deep in the mountains of the Empire. To quote one of its criminal residents, "The people aren't too friendly here, but folks let a man keep to himself. And for a thief like me, that's a good place to call home.".

Stories (fan missions) set here: Shadows of Northdale series (Shadows of Northdale Act I, etc.)

Powell Estate

The manor and farmlands owned by the Powell family (Oscar, Carl, Bernhard and Alma), a few miles from Bridgeport, located in a valley surrounded by mountains. Under the main grounds of the manor lies a system of winding tunnels equipped with irrigation pumps and pipelines, an ingenious old irrigation network used to distribute water to the farmlands, as this valley's soil is otherwise rather parched without regular watering. One of the local attractions on the estate that draws regular visitors is a hedge maze with several displays of statues, donated by various sculptors and artists. The Powell family has recently had a tense and rather unhappy history. To add to their woes, their estate was rumoured to have been attacked by a band of Pagan tribesmen a few years ago.

Stories (fan missions) set here: Reap As You Sow


A town not far from Greensdove.

Mentioned in stories (fan missions): Lockdown (Part 1)

Waterford Island

An island sparringly covered with shrubs and palm groves, the place has something of a pirate hsitory, being a common hideout of their's in the past. Nowadays, the island is best known as the location of Briarwood Cathedral.

Stories (fan missions) set here: Briarwood Cathedral

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