Vengeance for a Thief (FM)

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A fan mission for The Dark Mod.


  • Author: Sir Taffsalot
  • Type: Campaign
  • Releases: 2015-02-16 (16 February 2015) - latest
  • Version: 1
  • Size: 23.4 MB
  • EFX Reverb: No


Mission 2: A Pawn in the Game

Another night, another fat noble stripped of his wealth. Or so it seemed. It appeared that destiny had other plans. I had stolen the Angel's Tear as planned. All that was left to do was get out of Eskil Vadris' Manor, which seemed easy enough. But before I could make my way out, an alarm went off and a group of City Watch guards attacked me. I was taken to the local City Watch complex and after a bit of a beating I was thrown into a cell. It is very unlikely for a master thief like me to get caught. Impossible, really. It's almost as if I was set up. Well, I'm not spending another second in this cell. I'm no common criminal. I'm a master of the shadows and whoever is responsible for putting me here should start to fear the dark.

Mission 3: The Art of Revenge

It has been a year since I was framed for a crime I didn't commit. After escaping the City Watch in Bridgeport I made my way to Glenham. I had a friend who owed me a favour. He gave me a room to stay in while I crafted my new identity and started my new life. This doesn't mean that I've forgotten the events in Bridgeport. I've just been waiting for the perfect opportunity for revenge. Anthony Vadris has bought an expensive painting from the esteemed artist of Bridgeport, Andrey Borrowski. Hanging the painting in his manor where only a select few can see it is not Anthony's style. He wants everyone in Bridgeport to see how wealthy he is which is why he has lent it to the Bridgeport Museum. The painting hangs in the foyer of the Bridgeport Museum and is guarded by a system that is supposed to be thief proof. It is guarded by two unbreakable glass windows. Only the museum owner knows where the controls for the windows are located. I've also gotten a tip from my fence about five members of a brotherhood of mages, known as The Order of The Lion. Rumor has it that their experiments took them to a dark and evil place and that they have not been seen or heard of since My fence told me that each member of The Order of The Lion had a golden lion in their possession. Since the mages disappeared the golden lions have been scattered throughout Bridgeport. Getting all five golden lions would certainly help line my pockets for the next few lines of rent. It's been a year since I was in Bridgeport but I doubt that the City Watch will have forgotten about me so I'll need to stay out of their way. I've rented a small room in a tavern in Bridgeport. Once this is all done I will need to return to my room. I have a feeling I'll be needing some rest.

Whole campaign update:

In A Pawn in the Game you can now enter the cathedral in the city plus there is now a different way out of the City Watch building which allows you to re-enter it if you have any objectives inside the building that you still need to complete. In The Art of Revenge there is a fully explorable town house to explore with some objectives to complete.


The FM is an entirely standalone storyline, but due to its campaign format, it forms a short series of three interconnected missions.

The three missions of this campaign are (click to show):

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The Angel's Tear
A Pawn in the Game
The Art of Revenge

Theme / "Genre" / Setting

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Church/Cathedral (mission 1)
Jail/Prison (mission 2)
Museum Heists (mission 3)


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Official Mission List link

You can download the mission directly while in game, by using the built-in TDM fan mission downloader.

Additional DL links:


Preview trailer - Mission 1 (screenshots)

Preview trailer - Mission 2 (screenshots)

Preview trailer - Mission 3 (screenshots)

Mission 1: The Angel's Tear

Mission 2: A Pawn in the Game

Mission 3: The Art of Revenge


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The first mission in the campaign was the last to be created and precedes the storyline of the first two created missions, which now act as sequels. These earlier made missions of the campaign, later incorporated into it as missions 2 and 3, are still available as separate FMs, Vengeance for a Thief: A Pawn in the Game and Vengeance for a Thief: The Art of Revenge

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