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The Western Empire

Several missions feature maps with real-world geography, placing Bridgeport on the coast of Southern Europe, but exactly how closely TDM's geography matches that of our own has been left intentionally vague. Here's what we know for sure:

Bridgeport lies at the western edge of a large, sprawling empire. The Empire, which endured unchallenged for centuries, is in the process of collapsing. Pagan barbarians from the north and east have become more and more bold over the past decade, sacking towns and pushing the empire's army back in several great battles. A great new threat, the Barbarian horselords of the East, now threatens the capital city on a regular basis.

The empire's influence over outlying cities like Bridgeport is now pretty weak, as the empire's armies spend most of their time protecting lands closer to the capital. Individual princes are starting to exert more authority over their own lands. Fortunately Bridgeport is able to take care of itself, unlike smaller towns on the frontier which have been overrun by barbarians.

Bridgeport is in a temperate climate, and though the temperature is fairly mild it sees regular snowfall in the winter months. To the north are highlands which eventually turn into a large mountain range. To the south and west is a warm, temperate sea. Across the sea to the south is a much hotter continent, inhabited by moors and saracens. They are sophisticated and learned, but they worship strange gods and practice magic. Mercenaries from these lands occasionally come to the city for work, and merchants buy captives to sell to southerners as slaves.

To the west, across a range of mountains that inhibit overland attacks, is a rival naval state, Menoa. This kingdom broke away from the Empire decades ago, and now fights against them in regular skirmishes, particularly over their colonies in the New World. The Menoese have fought many battles for control of Bridgeport too, though they have been defeated soundly by the devices of the Inventor's Guild. Menoese privateers plague merchant ships coming to and from the city, however, and are considered a great threat to Bridgeport's economy.

There is a "New World" across the ocean sea to the west. Menoa was the first to colonize it, and they have a powerful influence over ocean shipping. Individual princes have also sought to establish new colonies there to profit from the natural resources, but they must negotiate with Menoa for safe passage or risk being attacked at sea.

Countries "of the Church", like the empire and Menoa, have the same kind of steamwork technology as Bridgeport (though not Inventor's Guild inventions like steambeasts, which are unique to Bridgeport). In fact, some writers believe it was the adoption of steam technology a century ago that started the downfall of the empire, ultimately causing the great labour revolts that drew the empire's legions back from the frontier.

Missions have established the date of the setting as around 1630 AD. The current calendar sets the year 0 as the date of the official formation of the Builder Church.