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This article serves as an archive of interesting discussions we've had on the design of fan missions throughout the years of developing The Dark Mod and building new missions.

Selected discussions

This list is sorted into several overarching sections, each of them focused on a different aspect of debating mission design. Some of the sections focus on the attitudes and approaches to building an FM, others focus on designing the narrative (storyline, motivations, objectives, plot twists, etc.) of an FM, and some are purely about brainstorming and coming up with ideas. A few of the discussions fit more than just one category.

General design debates and resources

Types of FMs / Story settings for FMs

Consistency with the TDM universe

Note that the TDM community is not a stickler for this (as you'll see in the discussions below). That said, we do try to naturally and gradually build TDM's setting, with each mission maker's contribution. Consistency is not absolutely necessary in everything (save the basics), but is appreciated.

Sources of inspiration, attention to details

Designing atmosphere, ambience and suspense

Concepts and ideas

FM campaigns and structuring them

If you've come across any older or new good discussions that go in-depth on mission design aspects, feel free to post the suggestion in the Discussion tab of this article and we might add it. The more, the merrier (as long as it's on point). :-)

See also

Conceptualising an FM

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