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Modular Building Technique


What is modular building?

Modular building is all about using a limited number of architectural models instead of building everything from scratch. By combining "modules" together in different ways, you can create a lot of varied scenes, even though you are re-using the same pieces. In the old building technique you make things by hand. Then you move elsewhere and make things by hand. Every time you start from scratch and do a lot of work until you have a small area that looks good.

With modules, someone else has already spent a lot of time making the individual pieces look good. You then are free to focus on how to use them creatively. Of course, you can always create your own modules from scratch if you want something that doesn't already exist.

With our existing library of modules, you can create good-looking rooms in few moments, just by cloning the modules and arranging them to suit your taste.

An example of modular construction while mapping
Use of TDM modular building assets for modular mapping

With the Modular Building Technique (MBT), you use existing models, or make parts you need by hand, make them into .ase models and then clone them. You spend a lot of effort to make a single pretty detail piece. Once it is done, you can easily clone it. Also you can easily make derivatives of the existing piece. Ie. first make a wall. Then use the wall and make it into a 90 degree corner. And a wall with a doorway. And a T-junction. And a Wall with niche etc etc. Every piece you make, you create with the intent of making it reuseable.

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