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Water arrows can be used to put out open flames like torches, fires and even candles. For best results, aim slightly higher than the flame you wish to extinguish.

Tip:   Candles can be picked up and pinched by pressing the Use key (Default: ENTER), thus you can save the water arrow for torches or lights in hard to reach areas.

Water arrows can also wash away blood and extend the reach of moss, by shooting an arrow into the blood/moss. They can also stimulate extra growth in a vine created by a vine arrow.

Note that the AI is able to relight fires, torches and candles, so use your water arrows wisely.

When you use a Holy Water inventory object, your water arrows become capable of damaging undead for a limited amount of time.

In many ways, these are some of the most versatile and useful trick arrows in the entire game, so gathering as many as possible throughout a mission is a fairly sensible strategy to keep a plentiful supply. In missions where they are rare in numbers, but still very needed, it is wise to ration their usage carefully.

In-game description

Water arrow: The head has a small sack full of a potent liquid. Created by the Inventors' Guild, it takes only a tiny amount to extinguish normal flames.



Water arrow


Water arrow

Aiming a water arrow at a light source.jpg

Aiming and shooting a water arrow in order to put out an open-fire light source (torches, candles, oil lamps, etc.)

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