Thief's Den 1: Thief's Den (FM)

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A fan mission for The Dark Mod.


  • Author: Fidcal, Bikerdude
  • Type: Single Mission
  • Releases:
    • 2008-01-18 (18 January 2008) - earliest
    • 2010-07-04 (4 July 2010) - latest (ver. 2.0)
  • Version: 2
  • Size: 3.3 MB
  • EFX Reverb: No


This is a re-release of the first Dark Mod tiny demo mission. Steal back your loot and incriminate the thief who double-crossed you!


The FM is part of Fidcal's Thief's Den series.

As the name implies, this is the first mission in the series. It is followed by the FM Thief's Den 2: The Chalice of Kings.

Theme / "Genre" / Setting

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City Missions


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Official Mission List link

You can download the mission directly while in game, by using the built-in TDM fan mission downloader.

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Preview trailer (screenshots)


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Item Jewels/Goods/Gold General location Exact spot
A golden vase 0/0/120 Upstairs bedroom Outside window
Coins 0/0/2 Upstairs bedroom In attic pot
A purse 0/0/50 Lookout person On belt
A porcelain cup 0/10/0 Main room Table
A golden goblet 0/0/15 Lounge Table
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Lounge Table
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Lounge Bucket
Coins 0/0/10 Lounge Mantlepiece
A golden statue 0/0/100 Cellar Below lift
A golden trophy 0/0/140 Cellar Chest
A golden goblet 0/0/005 Attic Footlocker
A golden plate 0/0/100 Attic Footlocker
A golden candlestick 0/0/40 Attic Bookshelf
A golden hammer 0/0/100 Attic Bookshelf
A purse 0/0/100 Attic Bookshelf
Coins 0/0/2 Attic Chair
A golden vase 0/0/75 Attic Dresser
Total (1198 loot) 0 jewels / 230 goods / 959 gold



Langfinger Dave




The current iteration of this mission is based on reworking one of the initial demos for The Dark Mod (from its earliest days of playability) - the eponymous Thief's Den.

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