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This is a minor article related to Fan Missions, specifically discussions on FMs in the community.

The article's point is to highlight past discussions that have analysed the varying contents and difficulties of FMs, and recommended them on that basis to players. Especially recommendations to curious and not yet experienced newcomer players (for whom this article is primarily intended for). Many new TDM players ask about recommended missions, and there might be some merit in documenting the responses they have received over the course of a decade, particularly in the years since TDM went standalone.

Missions for beginners

Here are some recommended missions for complete beginners. Though these are small, generally short and not too demanding missions, they're varied and many of them are highly atmospheric. The overview below is listed alphabetically.

Selected discussions

Please note that some of the older discussions might be somewhat outdated in terms of rating "the best" or "most recommended" missions, as the number of TDM FMs keep growing with each passing year, and their typical level of polish keeps growing hand in hand with their numbers. For improved orientation, we've added some dates behind each link.

Other useful FM discussions