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This article covers lootlists and walkthroughs for the missions of The Dark Mod. These are de facto cheat sheets to TDM missions, useful especially if the player gets stuck during a mission and can't figure something out.

Lootlists are, as their name implies, lists of all the loot that can be found and collected by the player in a particular mission. As a standard form of mission objective in TDM is collecting a certain amount of loot (which can vary depending on the chosen difficulty level for the mission), players will have to find a certain amount of it. Occasionally, better hidden or less apparent loot might pose a challenge to a player. This is where lootlists can come in handy.

Walkthroughs walk a player through the mission, and are essentially manuals on how to beat a particular mission. Obviously, they offer even more blatant spoilers to a mission than lootlists.

Players are encouraged to use lootlists and walkthroughs sparingly, in order to avoid ruining their fun. While a stealth game like The Dark Mod might have a bit of an initial learning curve to a complete newcomer, it's not a game about final scores, but a game about the player experience and practicing one's exploration skills and logical thinking skills. Discovering new things in missions and figuring out a particular approach is half the fun.


Missions with lootlists. Arranged in alphabetical order.

Text walkthroughs

Missions with walkthroughs, in text format. Arranged in alphabetical order.

Video walkthroughs

Missions with walkthroughs, in video format. Arranged in alphabetical order.