No Honor Among Thieves (FM)

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A fan mission for The Dark Mod.


  • Author: Goldchocobo, RailGun, Mortem Desino, Bikerdude
  • Type: Campaign
  • Releases:
    • 2010-04-29 (29 April 2010) - earliest
    • 2015-05-31 (31 May 2015) - latest (ver. 3.0)
  • Version: 3
  • Size: 176.2 MB
  • EFX Reverb: No


An old friend of mine approached me the other night with some interesting information. Apparently our beloved Governor Archibald Cloist, is a whore-monger and a liar. Nothing out of the norm for Bridgeport's politicians, but there's an interesting string attached to all of this. The local religious authorities "The Builders", have found him out and have been paid out by the Governor himself to keep their mouth shut. The Builder in question is the Arch-Bishop himself "Lavonte Duchane". These two really seem like my type, bribing and blackmailing away at each other, so much so I think I'll join them. I highly doubt if the situation were made public it would fare well for either of their careers. Archibald would lose the noble's financial support and the public trust and the Arch-Bishop would probably face prison time and some "Builder Scourging". So tonight's the night, I'm going to break into a religious maniac's cathedral, black mail a Governor and rob everyone blind in the process. nb: This Campaign was originally released 29/04/2010, but has had to version updates since then.


The FM is an entirely standalone storyline, but due to its campaign format, it forms a short series of three interconnected missions.

The three missions of this campaign are (click to show):

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A Night Out on the Town
No Honor Among Anyone (a.k.a. Forest)

Theme / "Genre" / Setting

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City Missions


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Official Mission List link

You can download the mission directly while in game, by using the built-in TDM fan mission downloader.

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