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author: Springheel

Now that DR has a built-in head viewer, this page is no longer being updated.

One of the easiest ways to add variety to a group of similar AI is to attach different heads to them. There are more than 50 variations to choose from, but it can be difficult for mappers to keep track of what heads are available.

This page is an attempt to make it easier to browse the existing heads so you can select the one you want to use. Heads are organized by character type (though you can often mix and match). Each image displays the available heads, and the list beneath the image gives the name of the head entitydef by number.

Mappers can add these heads to their AI by following three simple steps:

1. Find the head you want on this page

2. Select the AI in your map

3. Type "def_head" "[cut and paste listed name of head]" in the entity editor window. (Example: "def_head" "atdm:ai_head_baseguard_chaincoif_goatee")

Some of the heads are separate models, others differ due to textures or def_attached objects. Each one, however, is its own entity.

(for more information about attaching heads to AI, see Swapping Heads on AI Models)

Builder Heads

Builder Guard Heads

These heads are appropriate for builder guards, both lesser and traditional.


1. atdm:ai_head_builderguard (default)

2. atdm:ai_head04_builder

3. atdm:ai_head04_builder_pale

4. atdm:ai_head06_builder

5. atdm:ai_head_builderguard02

6. atdm:ai_head_builderguard02_eyepatch

Builder Priest Heads

These heads are appropriate for builder priests of various ranks.


1. atdm:ai_head_builder_priest_plain

2. atdm:ai_head_builder_bishop

3. atdm:ai_head_builder_priest (default civilian)

4. atdm:ai_head07_builder_priest_young (default combatant)

5. atdm:ai_head07_builder_priest_young_plain

6. atdm:ai_head07_builder_priest_young02_plain

7. atdm:ai_head07_builder_bishop_young

Guard Heads

City Watch Heads

The distinctive helmet helps identify an AI as a member of the city watch. Only city watch characters should use these heads (though some city watch, like archers, might not wear helmets at all). Be sure the coif material of the head (cloth vs chain) matches the skin used on the body.


1. atdm:ai_head_citywatch

2. atdm:ai_head_citywatch_poor

3. atdm:ai_head_citywatch_default_goatee

4. atdm:ai_head_citywatch_clothcoif

5. atdm:ai_head03_citywatch_eyepatch01

6. atdm:ai_head_citywatch_default_pale

7. atdm:ai_head_citywatch_eyepatch01

8. atdm:ai_head03_citywatch_clothcoif

9. atdm:ai_head03_citywatch

10. atdm:ai_head_citywatch_poor_eyepatch01

Generic Guard Heads

These heads are specifically designed for the generic guards you find guarding mansions or merchants. Some (the ones without helmets) can also be used for city watch characters. Be sure the coif material of the head (cloth vs chain) matches the skin used on the body.


1. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_clothcoif_pale

2. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_chaincoif_eyepatch01

3. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_clothcoif

4. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_chaincoif_goatee

5. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_chaincoif

6. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_prohelmet_goatee

7. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_prohelmet

8. atdm:ai_head03_guard_chaincoif

9. atdm:ai_head03_guard_clothcoif

10. atdm:ai_head04_guard_clothcoif

11. atdm:ai_head04_guard_chaincoif

12. atdm:ai_head_guard_chaincoif_eyepatch

13. atdm:ai_head04_guard_prohelmet

14. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_saxonhelmet

15. atdm:ai_head_baseguard_saxonhelmet_goatee

16. atdm:ai_head03_guard_prohelmet

Elite Guard Heads

Elite guards are well-trained and have expensive equipment. Their helmets make them immune to the blackjack.


1. atdm:ai_head_elite_guard_goatee

2. atdm:ai_head_elite_guard

3. atdm:ai_head_elite_guard_eyepatch

Civilian Heads

Nobleman Heads

Goatees are in fashion for men of high station, though some commoner heads might also work for noblemen characters.


1. atdm:ai_head_nobleman1_greenhat

2. atdm:ai_head05_nobleman_blonde_greenhat

3. atdm:ai_head_nobleman1_greyhair

4. atdm:ai_head05_nobleman_young

5. atdm:ai_head05_nobleman_young_redhat

6. atdm:ai_head05_nobleman_blonde

7. atdm:ai_head_nobleman1_redhat

8. atdm:ai_head06_nobleman

9. atdm:ai_head06_nobleman_blonde_greenhat

10. atdm:ai_head06_nobleman_redhat

Commoner Default Heads

These heads are designed for "commoners"--servants, townsfolk, thugs, tradesmen, etc. Many also work well for other character types, like generic guards or thieves.


1. atdm:ai_head02_hood_green

2. atdm:ai_head01_commoner_woolhat

3. atdm:ai_head01_commoner_strawhat

4. atdm:ai_head01_commoner

5. atdm:ai_head06_commoner

6. atdm:ai_head05_commoner_lighthair

7. atdm:ai_head04_commoner

8. atdm:ai_head05_commoner

9. atdm:ai_head04_commoner_clothcoif_green

10. atdm:ai_head02_hood_brown

11. atdm:ai_head03_commoner

12. atdm:ai_head03_commoner_eyepatch

13. atdm:ai_head08_commoner_cap

14. atdm:ai_head08_commoner_bare

15. atdm:ai_head08_commoner

16. atdm:ai_head08_commoner_blonde

Female Heads

Wench/Rogue Heads

The Wench and Rogue characters have bare necks which means only the following heads will work for those characters. These heads can also be used on the noblewoman character, however.


1. atdm:ai_head_wench_brunette

2. atdm:ai_head_wench_ponytail

3. atdm:ai_head_wench

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