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A Casting Guide for TDM Mappers

By Geep, 2021

Introduction to the Series

For the FM creator assembling a cast of characters, this 3-part series presents a quick overview of available females:

Part 1 Female AIs - Faces & Heads
Part 2 Female AIs - Frocks & Bodies
Part 3 Female AIs - More Heads & Bodies

It delves into pairing heads with bodies. Other aspects it does not delve into, and which someone may wish to author in the future:

  • Roles. While Part 2 necessarily touches on this, there is much more that could be said: about weapons and attachment points; major behavioral difference between roles; any behavioral differences between male and female AI in the same role, e.g., immunity to KO's.
  • Female voices
  • Character lore, including which characters occur, and how they are named and presented, in existing FMs.

This information here is complementary to - but more head-centric and quick-to-peruse than - other resources:

Most images in this series were captured in 2020 under TDM 2.07 and DR 2.8. Others in 2021 under TDM 2.09 and DR 2.13.