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This is the new folder structure for textures as of June 07.

Most textures are in a virtual "shader subfolder" for textures that tile in only one direction (tiling_1d) and textures that do not tile at all (nontiling). This only affects the way the textures are sorted in DarkRadiant's MediaBrowser and is intended to give additional sorting information about the tiling behaviour.

Important: Due to an annoying limitation, DDS textures cannot be saved in folders that are more than 5 levels deep. An example for the maximum DDS path depth is this: dds/textures/darkmod/stone/flat/. Any textures that are saved deeper than that, cannot be opened by Doom 3.


Regular tiling carpets go under main folder.

  • carpet/rugs (are not expected to tile)
  • carpet/runners (are expected to tile in only one direction--include end pieces)


  • decals/blood (bloodstains, blood smears, bloody footprints, etc)
  • decals/dirt (for dirt, grime, mud, stains)
  • decals/symbols (magical symbols, signs, graffiti, arrows)
  • decals/vegetation (leaves, scattered straw, ivy, weeds)


  • door/metal (any doors that are primarily metal). Gate textures with bars get the prefix bars_.
  • door/wood (regular board or panel doors). Rich, mansion-type doors get the prefix ornate_.


For textures that are needed for specific maps that aren't appropriate for the regular folder structure, like cubemap reflections or LOD shots. Each map should have its own subfolder.

  • map_specific/gathers
  • map_specific/blackheart_manor



  • metal/flat (for relatively flat, non-detailed metal)
  • metal/detail (for textures with obvious pipes, gears, patterns, or other 3d features)
  • metal/grate (for grating, bars)


  • nature/dirt (dirt, mud, topsoil, etc)
  • nature/foliage (leaves, ivy, distant trees, etc)
  • nature/grass (grass and straw)
  • nature/skybox (for premade skyboxes)
  • nature/water


For painted wood or wallpaper textures.


Surfaces that are plaster or mixes of plaster and wood--most city wall textures go here.


For textures that are obviously for a roof, like shingles.


For lightbeam textures, alpha blends, detail textures, etc.


  • stone/cobblestones (for rough, uneven blocks or flagstone textures)
  • stone/brick (for regular, rectangular bricks of any size)
  • stone/natural (rock walls, cave surfaces, gravel)
  • stone/flat (cement, marble, ceramic tiles, anything basically flat). Polished surfaces get the prefix smooth_.
  • stone/sculpted (for tiles or surfaces that have been intentionally sculpted or carved)


Regular windows. (designations for indoor vs outdoor, and lit vs unlit, should be included in the name)

  • window/ornate (stained glass or otherwise decorative)
  • window/transparent_glass (for windows using see-through textures)


  • wood/boards (anything made of boards or planks)
  • wood/panels (anything made of panels or seamless wood pieces)

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