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This template sorts adds an infobox with a text explaning that this an index or overview page for a certain topic.


Include this template at the top of index pages like so:




The optional sort parameter for this template influences the place where the article will be sorted in the category:

Example Description
{{index-page|...}} default sorting order based on article name
{{index-page|...|sort=Lifts}} an article named "Creating a Lift" goes under "L" (specifically "Lifts")


The required category parameter for this template influences the category to which the info box links:

Example Description
{{index-page|category=Editing}} Link to Category:Editing


The required topic parameter sets the text that will be inserted into the info box after the word about:

Example Description
{{index-page|topic=textures}} Creates: "This is a selected list of articles and tutorials about textures."