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The Dark Mod Updater is the primary method to download and update The Dark Mod.

Where to get it

Each of our mirrors contains a copy of the updater.
Get it from here:

Use it to Download TDM

Create somewhere a folder named "Darkmod" or "darkmod", unzip the downloaded archive and
place the tdm_update file into that folder:

  • on Windows: tdm_update.exe into C:\Games\darkmod and run it
  • on Linux: tdm_update.linux into ~/Games/darkmod, set the execution-permission and run it from the terminal.
  • on Mac OS: tdm_update.macosx into ~/Games/darkmod, set the execution-permission and run it from the console.

For instructions read article Installation.

Use it to update TDM

Simple navigate to your darkmod folder and run tdm_update.

A bit more on that in the article Update.


Update doesnt update itself

If the updater have difficulties during update itself, on the first time you run the updater,
download the updater or disable the self-updating proces.

  1. Start the updater
  2. click on the advanced
  3. check the checkbox "Prevent TDM update from updating itself"

Mac / Linux:

  • Run the updater with argument "--noselfupdate", example .\tdm-update --noselfupdate

Updater does not download files or Downloads slow

  1. Look at the screen, and search the location from where the files its beeing downloaded
  2. close the updater
  3. Open tdm_mirrors.txt, using your text-editor (like notepad/textedit/vi/emacs/etc)
  4. use comments-signs to comment-out all the lines referring the download location.
  5. save the file


  1. start the updater and click on the "advanced options" button
  2. in the window check the box for "Doesnt search for new mirrors" and click the "save" button
  3. click the "Continue" button to start the update/download process.

Linux Mac:

  • Run the updater with argument "--keep-mirrors".

Windows 2000

Please install the GDI+ redistributable package, as described in this article: TDM in Windows 2000

Updater closes almost as soon as it's started (1.00 to 1.02 only)

Clear out your temp folder, as follows:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type %temp% and press enter (make sure you include the % signs) (if this step doesn't work, try navigating to it - see below for the path)
  4. Select all (CTRL-A) and (DEL) them.

On Windows Vista, the temporary folder in question is usually at C:\Users\[your Windows user name]\AppData\Local\Temp. On Windows XP, look in C:\Documents and Settings\[your Windows user name]\Application Data\Local Settings\Temp.

Updater crashes as soon as it attempts to delete or modify files as part of the update

This can happen (in Windows) if the folder is set to "read only" in the folder properties. It is fixed by right clicking on the top folder, clicking properties, and unchecking the box for "read only".

I am behind a proxy

Open a console window, navigate (chdir) to your Darkmod folder and use the --proxy argument.

In Windows, open the "Advanced Options" dialog right after starting the updater, and enter the proxy information in the entry field.

Doom 3

For versions before 2.0 standalone place: Create a folder named "darkmod" and placed this in your Doom 3 folder.

  • Windows: tdm_update.exe into C:\Games\Doom3\darkmod (or wherever Doom 3 is installed) and run it
  • Linux: tdm_update.linux into ~/.doom3/darkmod and run it
  • Mac: tdm_update.macosx into ~/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod and run it from the console.

Updater Arguments

The arguments of the update can be found using application argument "--help"

  • --proxy arg
    Use a proxy to connect to the internet, example --proxy=http://user:pass@proxy:port
  • --targetdir arg
    The folder which should be updated. --targetdir=c:\games\tdm\darkmod
  • --help
    Display this help page
  • --keep-mirrors
    Don't download updated mirrors list from the server, use local one.
  • --keep-update-packages
    Don't delete downloaded update packages after applying them.
  • --noselfupdate
    Don't perform any special 'update the updater' routines.
  • --dry-run
    Don't do any updates, just perform checks.

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