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The tdm_mapsequence.txt file is used to define the order the missions should be played in. It is supported in TDM 1.06+.

Where to put it

The tdm_mapsequence.txt file needs to be placed in the root folder of the PK4 file containing your campaign. A possible PK4 could contain files like this:



The general syntax is easy to understand, each mission gets is own line like this:

Mission X: MAPNAME

the number X defines the mission, starting with the number 1. After the mandatory colon the name of one or more map files need to be listed without extensions.

Note: while the file format supports more than one mission to be defined in each mission line, this is not fully supported yet in TDM's game code.


The file format supports C++ style comments.

  • Line comments can be initiated with the double forward slash //
  • Block comments are initiated with /* and finalised with */.

Example File

This is a full working example file, defining a three-mission campaign consisting of the maps, and, in this order.

 * This file defines the mission order for this campaign
 * The syntax is:
 * Mission <N>: <mapname> [<mapname> ...]
 * N is the mission number, with the first mission carrying the number 1.
 * It's possible to define more than one map filename for a mission,
 * in case there are loading zones in it, but usually you won't need that.
 * Line comments can be initiated with the double forward slash // 
 * Block comments (like this one) are possible too.
Mission 1: red
Mission 2: blue
Mission 3: green