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Deemed Abandoned List:

(A list of missions with no updates for significant time. These may be re-added if the authors return to the forum with progress to report)

Fan Mission Title Author(s) Links Estimated Release Date Last Update Mission Size Series

Unknown? Stardog Icon_forum.png Unknown 2009-10 0 Unknown
Unfinished Vertical Contest? Dragofer Icon_forum.png Unknown 2010-08 0 Unknown
Castle Murdenstain Capela Icon_forum.png Unknown 2009-12 0 Unknown
Stairway Atrium FM? Tapsa_Kn Icon_forum.png Unknown 2009-11 0 Unknown

Serpentine's Ye Olde Bioshock?

Son's of Baltona 2 by Carnage?


Well I kinda wanted to keep it a secret Posted Image , but I'm working on it as we speak. Don't want to spoil too much but it does involve a bank. If everything goes according to plan and I have the time it will be released this year. The more time the sooner it will be released Posted Image . Won't be a huge FM, would say small to medium sized. Rather keep it small and interesting and learn from the mistakes of part 1. Speaking of part 1, it's very likely I'm going to release a redux version which will be rebuild from scratch with help from the feedback I had from the community. I'm thinking about releasing the two parts together, but that all depends on the time I have.


Removed dSpair's entry due to clarification from Melan:

Beta Mapper Applications?


Slash or _OskaR



Remaining Vertical Contest Entrants?



Baal (cancelled?)