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This article is kinda weak... I hope someone comes along and beefs it up...


Example Image:

Cross-fade technique?
It Works! Kinda...

Projected Ambient may be a good fit?

Glowing decal instead?

How to give Textures a nice Glow

Hexen Mod method?

Transparent Textures?

TDM Conventions



SDK dynamic Cubemaps?

"You should be able to implement an 'env_cubemap' pretty easily in the code. Take a look at idObjective::Event_CamShot. This is the function that's used to generate the objective screenshot used in that little tooltip window that pops up when you get a new objective. Those screenshots are generated as soon as the map loads." (Located in item.cpp )

Alpha Texture creation

Colors > Map > Color Exchange

Revised Steps:

Flatten Image

Colors > Color to Alpha then select 000000

Colors > Color to Alpha then select 010101


Rich_is_Bored Related Concept

PostNew Horizon, on 09 July 2010 - 12:40 AM, said: I wonder if there would be some way for us to create a setting in the SDK to create a negative spectrum setting so that we could just tag a light neg_spectrum -1, and only have to tag the surface we don't want affected?


I've never tried it myself but it may be possible to pass entity parameters to the spectrum keyword. Something like this...

        spectrum Parm5      
                map     textures/whatever/mytexture

With something like that in place for all the textures you could isolate geometry into func_static entities and assign them to groups.

Negative Projection Light?

        map     invertcolor(lights/shadows/Example_Pre_Existing_Falloff.

 lightFalloffImage makeintensity( lights/shadows/Example_Pre_Existing_Falloff.

tga )
 blend gl_zero, gl_one_minus_src_color
 map lights/shadows/shadow_circle_01