Switching to another Map

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Originally written by Ishtvan on http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/3718

This is how you switch to another map. Place one of these and trigger it with a trigger at the exit (later on we'll be changing it so that the map ends when all the mandatory objectives are completed)

entityDef target_endLevel {
   "editor_color"            "1 1 0"
   "editor_mins"            "-8 -8 -8"
   "editor_maxs"            "8 8 8"

   "editor_usage"            "When triggered, displays end level gui and transfers the player to the next map.  Orient the entity to specify the view during the stats display."
   "editor_var nextMap"    "the map name to transfer to (for example: johnc/test_box, etc)."
   "editor_gui guiName"    "end of level gui."
   "editor_var endOfGame"    "set to true if this is the end of the game"

   "spawnclass"            "idTarget_EndLevel"
   "nextMap"                "guis/EndLevel.gui"