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The new SEED system can generate entities for you, in random or image-map based distributions, with random rotations and more. This page lists a few of the know bugs and not-yet-completed features:


It is not possible to arbitrarily rotate the seed inside DR. The only way to rotate the SEED shape is by adding an "angle" spawnarg on the SEED.

To find out the value of "angle", rotate the SEED inside DR until it fits, then rotate it back and set the angle spawnarg accordingly.

Density and Entity Count

The calculation of the entity based on the density does not take into account the area of inhibitors. Instead it always assumes that all entities are distributed evenly across the entire space.

This means adding inhibitors to one space of the seed will redistribute the inhibited entities to the other spaces, not just suppress them. Or in other words, if a given density will produce 100 entities inside the SEED area, adding an inhibitor that suppresses the entities in one half, there will still be 100 entities in the other half of the area.


For now you must manually lower the density when you change the distribution. This will likely get fixed soon, as this is very cumbersome, esp. with multiple inhibitors, which make the required calculation for the density adjustment non-trivial.

v1.04 bugs

max_entities and classes

image map "splat2" not found

Some entities like atdm:random_grass_dense refer to a image map named splat2. The file for it was accidentily not checked into SVN, so the file is missing from the distribution.



"map" "splat, splat2, cloud, spots"


"map" "splat, cloud, spots"

in the entity inspector inside DR.

max_entities for random generators

Some entities like atdm:random_grass_dense set "max_entities" "600" in the editor entity inspector when you create them. The code, however, does not take this as hint (e.g. "generate how much you want, but at most 600"), instead it uses it as "generate always 600 models". This means that the amount of objects does not scale with the menu setting "Object Details". This bug will be fixed in TDM v1.05.


You should set "max_entities" to "0" for any placed SEED entity that generates random things like grass or vegetation. You can (or even should) leave it for things like atdm:random_fruit:

"max_entities" "0"

v1.03 bugs

Please update TDM to v1.04 where the issues below are already fixed:


The system crashed when saving a mission, or when loading such a savegame. Also it could crash at the end of the game session. These were due to incorrect memory management (double free by the system itself, and then by the doom engine again). This has been fixed in TDM v1.04.

Model Regeneration takes too long

The Model Generator can take up to 1/3 of a second to rebuild complex models. 95% of that time are spent in the closed source parts of the engine. A workaround has been implemented that improves the time quite a bit for non-shadow casting models. For shadow casters, we will hopefully be able to fix this later by completely redesigning the model generator.