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For each SEED entity you can specify an image map, which will influence where entities are placed. This can even be overriden for each target class of the SEED with seed_map.

The map is an 8 bit greyscale TGA, PNG or JPEG image, where black is 0% and white is 100% spawn probability.

How to use

For example put this spawnarg on your SEED:

"map" "spots"

or put this on a target entity:

"seed_map" "patterns"

If the map name does not start with "textures/seed/", then this will be added in front. Also, the extension is optional, if left off, PNG, TGA and JPG will be tried in that order. For example, "sinus" will load "textures/seed/sinus.png".

Note: The image base map is combined with whatever distribution you set with falloff, also inhibitors are still taken into account.

Random maps

If your map spawnarg consists of multiple maps listed with ",", one of them will be choosen randomly and then used:

"map" "spots, spots2, sinus"


There are a few premade maps in TDM, here is a visual overview:

Name Look Usage Name Look Usage
cloud Cloud.jpg Vegetation f.i. grass patterns Patterns.jpg To make vegetation placed less uniform
splat Splat.jpg Vegetation f.i. grass vegetation Vegetation.jpg To make vegetation placed less uniform
spots Spots.jpg Vegetation spots f.i. grass
two_spots Two spots.jpg To place f.i. items in front of two sitting people at a table sinus Sinus.jpg Interesting patterns f.i. for vegetation

Gallery v1.05

These maps are new in TDM v1.05:

Name Look Usage Name Look Usage
corner Corner.png Dense vegetation in a corner corner2 Corner2.png Sparse vegetation in a corner
splat2 Splat2.jpg Vegetation f.i. grass drip Drip.png For vegetation that "fades" f.i. bushes at a forest edge

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