Pausing Animations

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info by Ishtvan

I added an SDK function and a script function to pause animations and resume them. Right now it only works to pause/resume all animations on a given channel. It may be possible to pause individual animations and keep others going on the same channel, but it would be significantly more work, so I'll see if there's a demand for that.

The scriptfunction is:

pauseAnim <int channel> <bool pause>

When pause is true, it pauses it (doing nothing if already paused), when pause is false, it unpauses it (doing nothing if already unpaused).

Similary, the SDK function is in a few different places, but they're all

idAnimState::PauseAnim( int channel, bool bPause )
idWeapon::Event_PauseAnim( int channel, bool bPause )
idActor::Event_PauseAnim( int channel, bool bPause )

Or on the channel object itself, it's just Pause:

idAnimBlend::Pause( bool bPause )
bool idAnimBlend::IsPaused( void )