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Models in IDTech4

Here is a small overview over the different kind of models that are used in IdTech4:

  1. Rendermodels - the visual model that is rendered
  2. Clipmodels - an (usual invisible) model that is used for collision detection.
  3. Tracemodels - very simple models (boxes, spheres, cylinders, or consisting of a few faces only) that is used for "tracing" (aka "slide the model along a line and see if anything was hit"
  4. Shadowmodels - Either a copy of the rendermodel, or a simplified version of it. Invisible, only for casting a shadow.
  5. Combined models - Created by the ModelGenerator in TDM v1.03 and up, consists of many Rendermodels "glued" together, as well as a clipmodel consisting of a list of clipmodels

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