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This lists all models which have LOD versions, along with some screenshots. If you want to create more LOD stages/models, please see Creating LOD Models for a tutorial.

The textures listed here are the filenames without the extension. If in TGA, you need to add ".tga", if in DDS format, prefix the given path with "dds/" and append ".dds". The material name shader is as-is.


  • Trophy (by Baddcog)

Defaults High Detail (model only), LOD has one stage.

Create from entity/loot/moveables


  • Decanter (by Baddcog)

Defaults High Detail (model only), LOD has two additional stages. One low, one low no shadow.

Create from entity/Moveables/Kitchen list.


  • Models: cattails1.low, cattails2.low, cattails4.low
    • Texture: textures/darkmod/decals/vegeation/cattails_atlas, textures/darkmod/decals/vegeation/cattails_yellow_atlas,
    • Materials: textures/darkmod/decals/vegetation/cattails_green, textures/darkmod/decals/vegetation/cattails_yellow

Lily after colorcorrect.png
  • Models: lily


  • Wrought iron sign mount (by Baddcog)

Defaults medium detail (if author uses model, not LOD entity), Has High and Low detail. Create from entity/Static/Hangers list.

  • Half round sign (by Baddcog)

Defaults high detail (if author uses model, not LOD entity), Has Low detail. Create from entity/Static/Decorative/Signs list.


Three of a kind.jpg
  • Aphrodite (by arcturus)

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