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All the third-party libraries are downloaded, configured and built using conan package manager. This is the recommended way to handle libraries. Read file ThirdParty/ for more details about this way.

Even if conan is not your good friend, be sure to follow these rules regarding location in the source code repo:

  1. Everything related to third-party libraries must be inside ThirdParty subdirectory.
  2. All the binaries (e.g. .lib and .a files) must be inside ThirdParty/artefacts subdirectory, sorted by platform+ABI according to conventions.

Note that some libraries are embedded directly into the source code (MD4 and MD5 hashes, PropTree GUI helper). However, this way is discouraged: think twice and ask guys of forums before using it!

List of libraries

This table is a record of what libraries and dependencies are currently used in TheDarkMod game and tdm_installer.

Name Notes License Initial TDM Version
libjpeg used by DevIL; JPEG_INTERNALS BSD-like <1.00
libpng used only by DevIL zlib 1.03
libvorbis BSD-like <1.00
libogg used only by libvorbis BSD-like <1.00
OpenAL Soft LGPL 2.0 2.06
ALSA used only by OpenAL (Linux-only) LGPL 2.1 2.08
FFmpeg heavily reduced build LGPL 2.1 2.06
libcurl MIT-like <1.00
mbed TLS used only by libcurl Apache 2.0 2.03?
minizip game defines some extensions zlib <1.00
zlib used by minizip zlib <1.00
pugixml MIT 1.03
tinyformat BSL 1.0 2.08
doctest MIT 2.08
glfw zlib 2.09
BLAKE2 used only in tdm_installer CC0 1.0 2.09
fltk used only in tdm_installer LGPL 2.0 2.09
Tracy embedded timeline profiler BSD 3cl 2.10
libbacktrace used by Tracy BSD 3cl 2.10