Installing and Running Fan Missions

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Go to to get hold of mission packages available for The Dark Mod.

Download the mission PK4

Installing fms02.png

Each FM is contained in a PK4 file, which contains all the files necessary to run the mission. Download and drop the PK4 file into the fms/ folder, e.g. C:\Games\doom3\darkmod\fms\.

Launch The Dark Mod and Install the Mission

When launching The Dark Mod, the game will detect the new mission package in the fms/ folder and will add it to the list of available missions (note: the PK4 file will be automatically moved into a subfolder, this is normal operation).

  1. Hit New Mission and you'll see a list of available missions.
  2. Select the desired mission from the list and hit Install Mission on the lower left.
  3. The game will restart itself automatically.

Start the Mission

Installing fm01.png

After restart, go the New Mission page again. The mission name will appear on the top left as Currently Installed Mission.

Just hit the Start this Mission button to launch the mission. You'll be taken to the missions' briefing.

Resuming a Mission

Once installed, a Fan Mission will stay installed until you uninstall it or install a different FM. As each Fan Mission is "run" in a separate folder, your savegames will be preserved when switching between them.

To resume a mission from a savegame, make sure the FM is installed, then just go to the Load/Save game menu and select one from the list.

Updating a Mission

Whenever the mission author releases a new version of his FM, you need to re-install the mission. Download the new PK4 file and drop it into the fms/ folder as before. Be sure to uninstall and re-install the mission before continuing to play.

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