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Guards come in all manner of variations, in terms of personality and training, clothing and armour, equipment and focus.

Most ordinary guards seen in various missions of The Dark Mod are household guards, either vassals of a wealthy aristocratic family, or hired blades serving a noble or patrician family. Hired thugs and mercenaries are nothing out of the ordinary.

Some criminal organisations, including various gangs of thieves and smuggler groups, will have their members performing various guard duties at their secret compounds or other places considered the native turf of a gang/group.

In terms of equipment, most guards are equipped with daggers, one-handed swords and bows and arrows. The exact weapon loadout will vary depending on the specific guard. Guards of a religious faction such as the Builder Church will often be armed with warhammers.

Aside from human guards, the territories of the Pagans might occassionally be guarded by strange creatures. These less usual adversaries might be armed with curved shortswords and javelins (instead of straight-bladed swords ad bows). Some undead and supernatural monsters might also be armed in a manner similar to living guards.


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  • The City Watch - A specific subset of guards, forming na organised law enforcement body and/or town militia in cities like Bridgeport, as well as various other towns of The Empire.