Glossary of terms

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This lists terms that are in use in the official TDM setting. For terms related to mapping, please see Glossary.

  • "Box-man" -- slang for someone skilled in cracking safes.
  • "Dodger" -- slang for criminal who has (so far) escaped capture.
  • "Glass" -- slang for gems or jewellery.
  • "Keshka Brotherhood" -- a foreign gang that rules all illegal activity in their territory. Known for cutting the left hand off those who oppose them.
  • "Mandrasola" -- an addictive drug, used most often by aristocrats.
  • "Mandrake" -- slang for Mandrasola.
  • "Picklock" -- street slang for a criminal skilled in opening locks and safes
  • "Prowler" -- street slang for a criminal who roams the streets at night looking for things easy to steal.
  • "Snakesman" -- street slang for a criminal who uses his small size to slip into places he isn't supposed to be.
  • "Taffer" -- a trouble-maker, usually used to refer to someone young or mischievous. Can also extend more broadly to law-breakers and ne'er-do-wells.