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written by Fidcal


If you come to Dark Mod from Dromed then here's a summary of essential differences to save some head-scratching

'Maps' v 'Missions'

Missions have been commonly called 'maps' in Doom circles though this is perhaps best used to refer to the mission file which is a .map file to avoid confusion with in-game maps. The use of the term 'Missions' is recommended!

Brushes: Solid versus Void

There are no air brushes in Dark Mod. Instead of scooping out air brushes in solid, in Dark Mod solid brushes must be built in a void and the game space must be fully enclosed within those solid brushes. Any gaps will cause leaks and prevent compiling.

Dark Mod brushes need not be static but can be assigned singly or in groups to entities as doors, elevators, etc.

Room brushes, Sound Propogation

There is no need for any special room brushes in Dark Mod; sound works immediately after the map is compiled.

Sound to the player is propogated in a direct straight line even through solid brushes if the area is not sealed. It is only stopped by areas completely sealed by Visportals.

Sound from the player to AI is routed through Visportals.


Portalizing prevents unnecessary areas of the mission (that the player cannot currently see) being rendered - so improving performance.

Portalizing needs to be set up manually. That does not need to be done every time the mission is dmapped but when you judge. It only needs doing once (if correct!) and is mostly done in increments for each main area. See Visportals

Entities, Objects

Tangible objects in Dark Mod can be models created externally or brushes. Generally more complex and/or small items are models while brushes can be used to make simpler ones like tables or doors.

Models and brushes can be static, non-functioning or else assigned to entities. (yes, even brushes can move!)

Entities are effectively functions that have some operation such as a door or elevator entity. Some of these already have models assigned.

Properties, Metaproperties

Object properties are often referred to as 'entity keys' and 'key value pairs' by programmers. The 'key' is the property name and the 'value' can be numeric or text depending on the property.

There are no metaproperties in Dark Mod. There is some control of properties in-game but many properties are pre-defined and fixed.

There is an entity target_setkeyval (not clear if effective in-game though) and also the stim/responses are extensive.


Links in Dark Mod are essentially properties of the 'sending' entity. A common link property is Target, used as a switch. Bind is used to attach eg, a flame to a candle for carrying purposes.