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def_attach is used to attach an entity to another entity at spawning the first entity. This technique is for instance by the combined light entities.


"def_attach"                    "light_candleflame"     // The entity class we want to spawn and attach
"pos_attach"                    "flame"                 // At the attach point called "flame"...
"attach_pos_1_name"             "flame"                 // ... which is defined here.
"attach_pos_1_origin"           "0 0 15"                // Offset the flame X units in the Z direction

Optionally, you can set the rotation of the attached entity with:

"attach_pos_1_angles"           "0 0 90"                // rotated 90° around the z-axis

You can have multiple def_attach items on an entity, just add a number suffix to the spawnargs like this:

"def_attach1"       "light_candleflame"
"pos_attach1"       "flame"
"def_attach2"       "candleflame_particle"
"pos_attach2"       "flame"

Some entities come with items already being def_attached. To "disable" an attachment, just enter a dash "-" character as spawnarg value, like this:

"def_attach1" "-"

The code will then ignore the def_attach item 1.