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def_attach is used to attach an entity to another entity at spawning the first entity. This technique is for instance by the combined light entities.

See Attaching Props to AI for using def_attach on characters.


"def_attach"                    "light_candleflame"     // The entity class we want to spawn and attach
"pos_attach"                    "flame"                 // At the attach point called "flame"...
"attach_pos_name_1"             "flame"                 // ... which is defined here.
"attach_pos_origin_1"           "0 0 15"                // Offset the flame X units in the Z direction

Optionally, you can set the rotation of the attached entity with:

"attach_pos_angles_1"           "0 0 90"                // rotated 90° around the z-axis

You can have multiple def_attach items on an entity, just add a number suffix to the spawnargs like this:

"def_attach1"       "light_candleflame"
"pos_attach1"       "flame"
"def_attach2"       "candleflame_particle"
"pos_attach2"       "flame"

Some entities come with items already being def_attached. To "disable" an attachment, just enter a dash "-" character as spawnarg value, like this:

"def_attach1" "-"

The code will then ignore the def_attach item 1.