Debugging TDM systemerrors

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Doesnt run TDM on your system, when your start TDM and get errors.
There are several ways to analyse these problems.

Creating Logs

There are several ways to create Logs.
All these logs are plaintext textfile that can be opened with your favorite texteditor.
These known methods are:

  • TDM places a logfile in his application folder, named darkmod.log.
  • Change the logfile setting in the darkmod.cfg.
  • Start tdm with arguments

Setting the logfile option

Open darkmod.cfg in a text editor
Change the following line:

   seta logFile "0"


   seta logFile "2"

and save the file.
After this, start tdm and there will be a file qconsole.log created in the fm folder.

Creating a log using start-arguments

open your command prompt (terminal, etc) and navigate to your darkmod folder. From there, call your call tdm executable with several arguments.

hit the keyboard combination "windows + r", enter the following line and click on ok:
c:\games\darkmod\thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt +quit
(assuming thats your location of the darkmod folder)
open your windows explorer go to your the dark mod folder, search for mylog.txt, open it with notepad. This is a content of a log. or

  • hit the keyboard combination "windows-key + r" (or search for "cmd").
  • a new window will apear, enther the following command in that window an click on run: cmd
    a new black window will apear.
  • navigate to your tdm gamefolder by typing the following line in the black window and hit enter-key:
   cd c:\games\darkmod
  • then enter the following line and hit the enterkey:
   thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt +quit
  • this will start tdm, generate a logfile and close tdm.
  • open your windows explorer go to your the dark mod folder,
  • search for mylog.txt, open it and copy its content in a new forumpost.


   tdmexecutable +<argument>

(for the following examples, we use the tdm-executable for windows)

To start tdm, create a log named, mylog.txt, and quit tdm.

   thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt +quit

For videoproblems: start tdm, ask for grapicsinfo, save to log and quit

   thedarkmod.exe +gfxinfo +condump mylog.txt +quit

For starting a mission: start tdm, install a mission (for example trainingsmission and quit.

   thedarkmod.exe +map training_mission +condump mylog2.txt +quit

To create a log with some arguments and loading a mission

   thedarkmod.exe +developer 1 +set logfile 2 +map training_mission

Log Examples

A normal log. (going to add a log)