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The following pre-release tests (UAT) should be performed before a new DarkRadiant release is uploaded to SourceForge, to ensure that no regressions of functionality have occured during development.

Before performing these tests, the latest version of the Mod should be updated from SVN.

Map handling

  1. Load a large map, like askave, bonehoard or mansion_alpha. The application should not crash or go into an infinite loop. When the map is loaded, it should be displayed correctly, without anything obviously missing.
  2. Save the large map to a new test file, then load another large map. Reload the newly-saved first map. All maps must load correctly.
  3. Enter Doom 3 and compile (dmap) the newly-saved large map from the previous step. The map must compile and be playable (assuming that the original map was compilable).
  4. Zoom and drag the 2D views around, to view all parts of the map. The map contents must not disappear without warning at any time.
  5. On the Filters menu, select some filters, such as World Geometry or All Entities. The appropriate objects should disappear from the 2D views.


  1. Open up the Media Browser, and look at some texture folders. There should be a reasonable number of textures populated, especially in large folders such as textures/base_wall.


  1. Create a new map. Add a brush, and texture it. Add a light in such a position as to illuminate this brush, and enter lighting mode (F3). The brush must be illuminated by the light.
  2. Switch the light shader applied to the light, testing several shaders. All of them should render correctly.

Models and entities

  1. Use the Entity Chooser to create an AI-based entity. It should load and be displayed in wireframe mode in the 2D windows. Navigate the camera and inspect the AI; its textures should be displayed (assuming the selected AI has valid textures associated with it).
  2. Use the Model Selector to browse the list of models. Click on a few to display them in the preview -- they should display correctly with their textures. Some of the models should have skins available, click on these to ensure that the model is updated with the new skin. Click OK to insert a model into the map. It should be displayed in wireframe view and in the camera view with correct textures.


  1. Check the background image loading (load a JPG file to test the GTK loading routines). The image should be displayed correctly.
  2. Toggle all the dialogs (Surface Inspector, Patch Inspector, Light Inspector)
  3. Check the "About" Dialog for correct version information.


  1. Delete all your settings from the local preference storage folder and restart DarkRadiant twice to make sure the settings are stored correctly.
  2. Check the version information in the Registry.