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The info in this article will be incorporated into the articles in Category:DarkRadiant Menus and then deleted.

Commands with unknown purpose are unlikely to be used. This is an attempt of creating a complete list of all the available commands with a short explanation of what they do.

The command names visible in the shortcut list are listed in brackets (like [NewMap]) for easier lookup.

File Menu

  • New [NewMap] Clears the current map and creates a new one.
  • Open [OpenMap] Loads an existing map from disk.
  • Save [SaveMap] Saves the current map to file. If the map is still unnamed, the user is asked to specify a name.
  • SaveAs [SaveMapAs] Saves the current map to a different file. The user is asked to specify a name.
  • Load Prefab [LoadPrefab] Loads a Prefabs file .pfb into the current map.
  • Save selected as Prefab... [SaveSelectedAsPrefab] Creates a Prefabs (.pfb file) out of the current selection.
  • Save selected... [SaveSelected] Saves the current selection to a .map file.
  • Save Region... [SaveRegion] Saves the current region to a .map/.reg file. This takes every "regioned" object and saves it to the specified file. Six brushes are automatically created to seal the region off from the void and an info_player_start entity is placed at the current camera location.
  • Refresh Models... [RefreshReferences] Reloads the model resources currently used in the map.
  • Project settings [ProjectSettings] Opens the dialog to specify which Doom3 mod should be used. This dialog appears at the very first DarkRadiant startup as well. See DarkRadiant - Quick Installation Guide for more information about the right settings for The Dark Mod.
  • Pointfile [TogglePointfile] Loads the Pointfile containing the leak information created by Doom3's dmap command. This draws a red line to the first offending entity and is useful for finding leaks in your level geometry.
  • Exit [Exit] Quits DarkRadiant, as the name states. If the current map has been modified (marked with an asterisk in the title bar), the user is asked whether the changes should be saved.

Edit Menu

  • Undo [Undo] Makes the last change undone. This does NOT apply to selection changes, but to most other actions like object deletions, texture manipulations and transformations. The number of undoable steps can be changed via the Preferences.
  • Redo [Redo] Reverts the last "Undo" command.
  • Copy [Copy] Copies the current selection to clipboard. If a Face is selected (not a whole brush) the Shader of the selected face is copied to the ShaderClipboard.
  • Paste [Paste] Inserts the clipboard content to the map. If Faces are selected (not whole brushes), the Shader from the ShaderClipboard is pasted onto the selected Faces.
  • Paste to Camera [PasteToCamera] Pastes the clipboard contents to the current camera location. The centroid of the inserted objects is calculated and translated to the camera origin.
  • Duplicate [CloneSelection] Duplicates the currently highlighted objects. The objects are not dislocated (like DoomEdit does).
  • Delete [DeleteSelection] Deletes the current selection. Can be undone.
  • Reparent primitives [ParentSelection] Takes the currently selected primitives and turns them into children of the last selected entity. At least two items have to be selected and the last selected item has to be an entity.
  • Copy Shader [CopyShader] Copies the shader of the current selection to the ShaderClipboard. A reference to the selection is stored internally. This requires a single face or a single patch to be selected to work correctly.
  • Paste Shader [PasteShader] Pastes the shader from the ShaderClipboard to the selection. This works with multiple selected objects of different types as well. If pasting from a brush face, the shader gets projected to the target primitives, which is the equivalent to pasting the shader using Ctrl-MMB.
  • Clear Selection [UnSelectSelection] De-select everything that is currently selected. If in component editing mode, this de-selects the selected components on the first hit, the second hit switches back to primitive mode and the third hit, de-selects all the primitives.
  • Invert Selection [InvertSelection] As the name states, this inverts the current selection. If in component editing mode (vertices, edges, ...) this inverts the current component selection only.
  • Select Complete Tall [SelectCompleteTall] This selects any objects completely inside the current brush in your current 2D view, and deletes the brush afterwards.
  • Select Inside [SelectInside] This selects everything that is contained within the currently selected brush (the brush gets deleted afterwards). This takes the actual volume of the selected brush into account.
  • Select touching [SelectTouching] Selects everything touching the current brush. Note that this does not delete the brush afterwards.
  • Select Children [SelectChildren] Selects the children of the currently selected groupnodes (func_* entities). This de-selects the entities, so that only the child primitives are selected afterwards.
  • Expand Selection to whole Entities [ExpandSelectionToEntities] This selects all the children of an entity, given the case that a child of this entity is already selected. For instance, if a child brush of a func_static is selected, this command expands the selection to all other children (but not the func_static entity itself). Select a single primitive of the worldspawn entity and this command will select every primitive that is child of worldspawn.
  • Export selected Brushes to OBJ [BrushExportOBJ] The current selection is exported to a WaveFront OBJ file, which allows you to import your geometry into many 3D modeling applications.
  • Create CollisionModel from selection... [BrushExportCM] This requires a func_clipmodel to be selected (or any other func_* entity) and exports the child brushes as collision model (.cm) file. Note: The exported file is not checked against the Doom3 clipmodel limitations (16 polygons), so you can export an invalid clipmodel as well. The exported clipmodel come in handy for moveable entities, if no collision hull is defined on the static mesh itself.
  • Preferences [Preferences] This opens the preference page, where a lot of settings can be customised.