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This command is useful to texture patch caps or brush faces that are adjacent to each other. It can be accessed via Ctrl-MMB and the Edit -> Paste Shader command. Let's have a look at the following example:

Paste texture projected 1.jpg Paste texture projected 2.jpg

The left shot shows two brushes and a patch that has been created with the "cap selection" command. The rightmost brush is considered the "source" brush, so we copy its shader by middle-clicking it. The shader is now in the clipboard.

Now hold down the Ctrl modifier and click on the other three objects with the middle mouse button. The texture is pasted onto the target objects so that the transition between the objects is seamless - technically spoken this is a projection. Imagine that you project the texture using a video projector, it's more or less the same mechanism.

Note: It's important to note that this only works from brushes to patches, as only brush faces can be used to project textures. Patches have no uniform scale and rotation and can't be used to retrieve a plane to project the objects onto.