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The DarkRadiant VC++ project files have migrated to a more recent version of Visual Studio. Please refer to the current article linked from the DarkRadiant - Compilation Guide.

This article describes the specifics of how to compile DarkRadiant in Visual Studio from source. To learn how and where to acquire and set up the sources, please refer to the main article: DarkRadiant - Compilation Guide

You can use the free Express edition to compile DarkRadiant. See below for a link to the Microsoft website.

Once you have VC++ installed open the DarkRadiant solution file (.sln) which is ready for you in the tools/msvc2010 folder. Hit Ctrl-Shift-B in VC++ to start building the sources.

The project output files are set up such that the binaries get automatically installed in the install/, install/modules/ and install/plugins/ folders. Also, all dependencies from the w32deps/ folder (see previous section) are automatically copied into the install/ folder during the post-build event. If anything goes wrong during compilation, please seek help in the forums.


If you cloned the sources to C:\Games\DarkRadiant, the application binary will be placed in C:\Games\DarkRadiant\install\DarkRadiant.exe

Compiling for Windows x64

To build a package for the x64 target, make sure to select the x64 platform from the configuration manager's dropdown box (located in Visual Studio's toolbar). Choose a release build and hit Build solution, the rest should be automatic. Just like the 32 Bit build expects the w32deps folder to be locatede along the sources, the x64 build process requires the w64deps folder to be present, see the main DarkRadiant - Compilation Guide article for details. The output directory of this x64 build process is the same as for the x86 build.

You need to have a working Visual Studio 2010 build environment supporting x64 compilation. If you're missing that platform option, make sure to modify the existing VC++ 2010 installation using the setup application and check the x64 compilers option, it might not be activated by default.

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