DarkRadiant - Compiling in Visual C++ 2008

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The DarkRadiant VC++ project files have migrated to a more recent version of Visual Studio. Please refer to the current article linked from the DarkRadiant - Compilation Guide.

You'll need a working VC++ build environment to open and compile the DarkRadiant solution file. See below for a link to the Microsoft website.

Once you have VC++ installed, there is a prefabricated solution file (.sln) ready for you in the tools/vcprojects folder. Hit Ctrl-Shift-B in VC++ to start building the sources.

The project output files are setup so that the binaries get automatically installed in the install/, modules/ and plugins/ folders. Also, all dependencies from the w32deps/ folder (see previous section) are automatically copied into the install/ folder during the post-build event.

See the Compilation Guide for how to checkout the sources plus dependencies.

svn co https://darkradiant.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/darkradiant/trunk/darkradiant/

Compiling for Windows x64

To build a package for the x64 target, make sure to select the x64 platform from the configuration manager's dropdown box. Choose a release build and hit Build solution, the rest should be automatic.

You need to have a working Visual Studio 2008 build environment supporting x64 compilation, which is an option not installed by default. If you're missing that platform option, make sure to modify the existing VC++ 2008 installation using the setup application and check the x64 compilers option.

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