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A complete list of Doom 3 Cvars can be found here:

This should be a list of Cvars that are currently available in the Dark Mod:


  • tdm_hud_opacity : Controls the opacity of the HUD elements. The range is anywhere from 0 to 1, where 0 makes it totally invisible and 1 makes it fully opaque. Defaults to 1.
  • tdm_hud_hide_lightgem : 1 = show and 0 = hide. This can also be set via Settings > Gameplay.
  • tdm_show_trainer_messages Only used for the training mission. Used to toggle the pop-up messages on and off.


  • tdm_frob_weapon_selects_weapon (default is "1"): Set this to 1 to have the weapons automatically selected when the respective arrows are frobbed.


  • tdm_music_volume going from -40 (silence) to 0 (full volume) and changes the loudness of the ambience music in game.

Voice over

  • tdm_voice_player_volume going from 0 (silence) to 60 (full volume) and changes the loudness of the player voice. This mainly affects custom player voice texts spoken by a special speaker entity, but at the moment does not affect things like gasps, grunts, under water bubbling ec.
  • tdm_voice_from_off_volume going from 0 (silence) to 60 (full volume) and changes the loudness of the voice over speaker spoken by a special speaker entity.


Useful while mapping/testing/designing (at the moment, difficulty levels do not affect these values)

  • tdm_ai_sight_scale This is the distance that is multiplied by the lightquotient from the LAS and visual acuity of the AI scaled from 0 to 1, that indicates how far away the AI can be and see a location (default 1000.0)
  • tdm_ai_sight_thresh This is the minimum light per AI frame generated visual stimilus amount required for an AI to see the player or entity directly while searching (default 1.0)
  • tdm_ai_sightmin The distance which an AI has a 100% chance of seeing you with a fullbright light gem. Effects visibility in a complicated way (default 11.0)
  • tdm_ai_sightmax The distance (in meters) above which an AI will not see you even with a fullbright lightgem. Effects visibility in a complicated way (default 60.0)
  • tdm_ai_sight_mag Modifies the amount of visual alertthat gets added on when the sight probability check succeeds and the AI do see you (default 1.0)
  • tdm_ai_sight_prob Chance of AI seeing you. set to 0 to make AI blind (default 0.7 at time of this writing)
  • tdm_ai_sndvol set to a low negative value, e.g., -300, to make AI deaf (default 0)
  • tdm_ai_tact set to 0 to remove AI sense of touch (default 20)
  • tdm_ai_showtasks shows the current State and Tasks of the AI (see AI State and AI Task).
  • tdm_ai_showalert shows the current alert index and alert level of the AI.
  • tdm_ai_show_enemy_visibility If set to 1, the visibility of the AI's enemy is drawn (red = obscured or hidden in darkness, green = the opposite)
  • tdm_ai_search_show If >= 1.0, this is the number of milliseconds for which a graphic showing search activity targets will be shown.
  • tdm_ai_showdoor Debug output during door handling. The goal standing positions for opening and closing the door will be displayed. At the side of the door where it swings towards, a test with different clipmodel positions is performed to detect whether the AI can stand at this position. A green box indicates that the AI can stand there, while a red box shows that something is in the way. Additionally, the current door handling state of the AI (e.g. MovingToFrontPos, OpeningDoor...) is shown.
  • tdm_ai_showelevator Debug output during operating elevators.
  • tdm_ai_showanimstate Shows the current anim states of the anim channels torso, legs and head, as well as their wait states.
  • tdm_ai_showbark Shows the name of the bark when the AI starts barking (the name in the def, not the sound shader or sound file)
  • tdm_ai_showdest If set to true, an arrow is drawn from every AI to its intended pathing destination.
  • tdm_ai_showgoalpos If set to true, the current goalpos (seekpos) is drawn in the world (!= move destination). The goalpos is used to lead the AI e.g. through door ways and around obstacles towards their pathing destination.
  • tdm_ai_showAASarea Shows the number and boundaries of the AAS area the AI is currently in.
  • tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkmindist If nonzero, this will overwrite the minimum distance to the player where the Interleaved Thinking optimization will start. Set to 0 to switch the cvar off and use the spawnarg.
  • tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkmaxdist If nonzero, this will be the distance where all AI will only think once in the number of frames specified by think_frames. Thinking frequency decreases linearly between min and max distance. Setting this to 0 will switch the cvar off and use the spawn arg value.
  • tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkframes If nonzero, all AI will only think once in this number of frames if their distance to the player is larger than the max dist. Set to 1 to let all AI think every frame. Set to 0 to use the settings in the spawn arg.
  • tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkskipPVS Set to 1 to skip the PVS check for interleaved thinking, so AI will also do interlaved thinking when in the player's view.

Attachment related

The following attachment commands must be run while looking at the AI you want to modify, with nothing obstructing your view. I could have made people type in the full name of the AI, but I'd figure we'd see how it works when looking at them. Also, these are meant to be run after you have initially placed the attachments in the def file / spawnArgs of the AI. This step is still done the same as before.

  • tdm_attach_print: Print the attachment info for the given attachment on the AI you are looking at.
  • Usage: tdm_attach_print <attachment index>
  • tdm_attach_offset: Set the vector offset (x y z) for an attachment on an AI you are looking at.
  • Usage: tdm_attach_offset <attachment index> <x> <y> <z>
  • tdm_attach_rot: Set the rotation (pitch yaw roll) for an attachment on an AI you are looking at.
  • Usage: tdm_attach_rot <atachment index> <pitch> <yaw> <roll> (NOTE: Rotation is applied before translation, angles are relative to the joint orientation)
  • tdm_attach_joint: Set the attachment joint name for an attachment on an AI you are looking at.

Usage: tdm_attach_joint <attachment index> <string name of joint>

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